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Know Your Knots // Four Fly Fishing Knots You Should Know

Brandon Rodriguez / Aug 22, 2021

Snags and snapped lines happen to all of us it does not matter if you are a professional guide or a weekend warrior. At some point, you will have to re rig your fly set up. When this time comes, it is important to know a handful of knots. That is why this weekend we are going over a handful of knots you should know every time you head out to the water. These knots are not very complicated and can help you no matter what rerigging you find yourself in. The knots? Well we will be covering The Surgeons, Clinch, Non-Slip Loop and Albright. Without further ado, let us get into Four Fly Fishing Knots You Should Know.

The Albright Knot

The knot of many uses, The Albright knot is a fantastic knot when you need to combine two pieces of material of different sizes. This is a perfect knot when you need to combine your fly line with your leader and there is no perfection loops present.

The Clinch Knot

The Clinch knot along with The Blood knot are some of the most popular when it comes to fly fishing. The Clinch knot is also known as The Salmon Knot and is typically used when securing your tippet to your fly through the eye of the hook.

The Non-Slip Loop Knot

The Non-Slip Loop knot is also known as the "Khre Loop" was made popular by one of the most famous fly anglers in the world, Lefty Kreh. This loop-to-fly connection gives more "action" to your flies and is an excellent knot option when fishing streamers or wet flies.

The Surgeons Knot

Also known as The Surgeons Join, the Surgeons Knot is a fantastic alternative to The Blood knot when attaching your tippet to your leader. The term "Double Surgeons Knot" implies that there are two turns.

" From tying your fly to your tippet to connecting two pieces of tippet, there are a few knots you need to know. We know some of them can be frustrating to tie, but in this case, practice makes perfect. "

If you found this helpful or you are looking to expand your fly fishing knowledge please head over to our learning center. Our learning center is geared and directed towards our latest additions to Trouts Education. Here you will find videos, quick tips, and ways to improve your skills from either a member of our expert Trouts staff or one of our professional guides. If learning online is not your cup of tea we also offer a ton of in-person class opportunities. These classes are typically taught by our Education Director Country Despos.

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