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Trouts Journal

LEVEL UP YOUR FLY FISHING GAME | Upcoming Classes & On-The-Water Schools

Ivan Orsic / Aug 27, 2020

At Trouts, we believe that there is always room to grow and learn in the sport of fly fishing. From first-timers to seasoned anglers, we know that there's always room for improvement to enhance your time on the water. Our goal is to both inspire learning and offer our customers, no matter what their age or experience level, an opportunity to learn something new about fly fishing. We're excited to offer a wide variety of introductory fly fishing classes and intermediate and advanced level on-the-water specialty schools to help you add skills to your fly fishing toolbox as we move into the fall.

Given current events, we're changing the way these classes and on-the-water schools are being conducted. In the interest of social distancing, the introductory classes will be held digitally on Google Hangouts and hosted by our very own fly fishing guide and educator, Tucker Bamford. The classroom portion of each on-the-water school will also take place online. Check out our upcoming fly fishing classes & specialty schools!

**To sign up for a class or further information give us a call (303) 733-1434**

FLY FISHING 101 | SEPTEMBER 1st, 15th, & 29th, 2020

Fly Fishing 101's are the perfect way to immerse yourself into the wonderful world of fly-fishing. Perfect for prospective anglers of all ages. This class will cover everything from setting up your fly rod, to basic fly selection and knot tying. (COST: $50)


Join Trouts for our Bugs for Beginners class. We’ll help demystify the major food sources trout key on throughout the year. No need to learn Latin here, our class is designed to help you better understand the major insect groups (Midges, Mayflies, Caddis, Stoneflies, Terrestrials and General Attractors) and how to effectively identify and fish them. As part of the class, you’ll take your newfound bug knowledge to the fly bins where you’ll learn to better understand fly selection.

Better yet, you’ll leave the class with the confidence to effectively “Match the hatch." (COST: $50)


It is no secret that "Hucking Meat" is becoming a phrase we are hearing more and more around Colorado. That is because there may not be a more exciting way to chase trout than chasing them with STREAMERS! Is it going to be the most productive way to catch fish in numbers? No way, but I can still remember the first time I saw an aggressive Brown Trout hammer a streamer. Considering it has been over 20 years since then, that should mean something. Let me ask you a few other questions. Have you recently found yourself looking at your fly boxes and thought something is missing? or Why do I not have anything that is big, flashy and articulated in here? If these are things that you find yourself contemplating on a regular basis then you'll be excited to know, we have just the class for you!

We are pleased to announce the dates for Trouts Streamer School. The school is designed around a full day float down the Colorado River with our very best Frisco Guides! During the float, our expert instructors will teach you the basics of Fly Selection, Retrieval Methods, Presentation and Everything else you need to know when it comes to Streamer Fishing! (COST: $325)


We are excited to announce our Two-Day Beginner School! Looking to fast track your fly fishing skills and take the sport head-on? Look no further, we have six Two-Day Beginner Schools on our calendar throughout the summer to get you prepped and ready for your future as a self-sufficient fly angler!

The Two-Day Beginner School is the equivalent to completing our Fly Fishing 101, Beginner Casting Clinic, Bugs for Beginners, and 1.5 One-Day Beginner Schools over the course of 48 hours. It's a crash course in fly fishing that includes 4 hours of "classroom" time and 12 hours of on-the-water time. The course will concentrate on setting up your fly rod, basic fly selection, knot tying, understanding and identifying the major insect groups that trout eat, understanding fly selection, reading water, on-the-water rigging, and much more!

At the end of your two days with our experienced and talented guide instructors, you will be prepared to start your journey as an independent fly angler. For more information about the TWO-DAY BEGINNER SCHOOL, CLICK HERE (COST: $495)


Pike can produce some of the most explosive and entertaining eats of any fish that calls Colorado home. Fly fishing for pike is one of the most addicting pursuits in the sport. While they can be aggressive, pike can also be difficult to catch. If you’ve been looking to chase the so-called ‘Water Wolf’ here in the Centennial State, then don't miss our upcoming Pike School.

Offered through our Denver shop, the on-the-water portion of the class will be preceded by a 2-hour ZOOM presentation addressing seasonality, fishing locations, fish behavior, appropriate gear and flies. Saturday morning, class will resume at a designated location and cover presentation, and tactics on water. The remainder of the day will be spent targeting your quarry. Bring your favorite 8 or 9 weight rod and appropriate reel. A valid 2020 Colorado Fishing License is required. (COST: $325)


For most of us, its hard to beat throwing dry flies…it’s visual, you see the eat and it's just a flat out fun way to fish. As we begin to approach the colder months, we begin to see less and less dry fly activity and that shouldn’t keep you from getting out to fish. It’s no secret that trout spend the majority of their time feeding under the surface of the water (upwards of 80%). In Vegas, those are some pretty good odds! Join us for on-the-water Introductory Nymphing Schools! We’ll cover rigging, roll casting, mending, high-stick and long line techniques, eliminating drag, swinging and more! (COST: $250)

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