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Trouts Journal

Meet the TROUTS Crew || Brandon Rodriguez

Ivan Orsic / Jul 11, 2021

With the move to the new and bigger shop, there are a lot of new faces around the shop these days and we wanted to familiarize you with the team. Today, we're talking with our most recent addition to the team - our new Content Creator and Assistant Marketing Manager - Brandon Rodriguez.

A talented writer, passionate angler, and one hell of a fly tyer, you're going to see a lot of Brandon on the blog going forward, including his new weekly series - Trouts Tape Deck. With all that in mind, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know Brandon. Without further adieu, let's see what makes Brandon tick on the water.

Trouts: Let's start this from the top: how did you get your start fly-fishing and what keeps you heading back to the river every chance you get?

I got my start in fly fishing after moving to Colorado for University. At University I found myself sneaking out to Boulder Creek in between gaps from class, and reading The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing when I should have been learning about Architecture and Planning. Hey, I still graduated, that's what counts. The collection of little stories that come from each trip, that's what keeps me coming back. Those “...and then he had to fish the entire day without waders.” moments.

Describe your perfect day on the water?

The start is early, very early. I love arriving at a trailhead while it is still dark. Filling an Aeropress with coffee while the sun starts to rise eggs and bacon are frying up on the trusty Coleman stove. You can almost taste that moment. Also, there is something oddly rewarding about fooling a trout on its first meal of the day with your fly. Oh, you cannot forget sneaking in an afternoon beer nap on the river bank. Perfection.

Rainy Falls, OR

Trouts: If you could only fish one fly in Colorado for the next 365 days, what would it be and why?

BR: A purple Hippie Stomper. Why? It is fun to tie, and nothing beats watching it get sipped off the top, by an eager trout on a hot August day. The Double Gonga of the dry fly world if you will.

Trouts: Favorite place you've ever fished?

BR: Silver Creek, ID. Jack Mills, a childhood friend and I, made the DIY trip out there and the experience was worth all the money spent on gas. Swinging wet flies through its famed gin-clear waters, landing big browns on 7x tippet, and witnessing a Prairie Caddis hatch so thick it's hard to see two feet in front of you. Enough said.

Silver Creek, ID
The Holy Water, OR

Trouts: Favorite river in Colorado?

Upper Colorado, While you are in the area, the creek behind the Safeway in Winter Park. But you didn't hear that from me.

Destination to dream about?

I have a dream about chasing GT or Bluefin Trevally off the coast in Cosmoledo. Ah, one can dream.

What is the best piece of fishing advice you've ever been given?

BR: It’s called a ‘pop to a stop’ for a reason. So, STOP.

When not fishing, what are we most likely to find you doing?

When I am not fishing, you can find me either trail running on one of Boulder, CO amazing single tracks, behind the vice tying up my own flies, writing a blog post, sewing up my own clothes, or outdoor gear. Oh, I'm probably driving on a back road with my 1987 4x4 Toyota Van.

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