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Trouts Journal

New Abel Colors for 2020

Ivan Orsic / Mar 1, 2020

ERMAGERRRD!!!! We can always count on the good folks at Abel to come up with some absolute banana land finishes for their reels and they've certainly outdone themselves this go-round. We're coming with some GOOD NEWS and some BETTER NEWS. We'll start with the GOOD NEWS. The UPS man recently dropped off a package of fresh Abel customs.

Any interest in the BETTER NEWS? We just received a shipping notification from Montrose and some of the most absurdly bueno finishes Abel could come up with are expected to arrive here at Trouts Denver on Monday. Swing by the shop to check them out in person or SEARCH OUR ABEL CUSTOM COLLECTION HERE!

Fresh colors from the West Slope!

{% assign gear = "abel-super-series-4-5-custom-retro-green-black,abel-vaya-fly-reel-custom-4-5-northern-lights-fade,abel-vaya-fly-reel-custom-7-8-retro-fire,abel-vaya-fly-reel-custom-5-6-classic-brown-trout" | split: ',' %}
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