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Trouts Journal

NOW IN STOCK // Temple Fork Outfitter Fly Rods and Reels

Brandon Rodriguez / Oct 22, 2021

I do not think there is anyone more excited that we have received a full run of Temple Fork Outfitter Rods other than myself. Yes, you read that correctly, now at our Trouts Denver location, we have five different styles of TFO fly rods as well as their NTR fly reels. When I heard that we would be receiving these rods and reels, I was thrilled. Why? Well, over the years Temple Fork Outfitters has done nothing but continuously improve their fly rods and technology while also maintaining a very digestible price point. And I know when people read that they immediately write off a brand, but let me tell you, Temple Fork outfitter rods are some of the best quality rods money can buy. Seriously. These rods come in at a price point that is perfect for those interested in the sport and not wanting to spend a fortune or an intermediate angler looking for a spare rod to have in their boat or rod vault. Long story short, I am very excited to have this brand on our shelves and I know many of you will be as well.

Let's go over a few takeaways from some of my two favorite rods.

The Axiom II - X

When we look at the Axiom II X, it is easy to see that this rod is the more technical fly rod Temple Fork Outfitters has ever produced. These rods have been built and developed to maximize accuracy at a distance. And, with TFO's patented Axiom technology anglers will be able to carry more line without the worry of overpowering their rod and getting that dreaded "mushy" feeling when casting. A unique aspect of these rods that was a "necessity" according to Flip Palliot was the virtually indestructible stripping guides. A little detail that I think was pretty ingenious, to say the least.

The Pro II

A rod developed to be more technical than the previous Mangrove, the Pro series of fly rods is arguably the best family of rods TFO has ever produced. And the pro series is one of the best fly rods of their entire fleet that is the biggest bang for your buck in terms of quality and performance. This rod has met the demands of serious guides and anglers for years and should find a spot in your rod quiver as soon as possible.

" "The best family of rods TFO has ever made" "

As you can see I am a bit excited to have these rods in the shop but, do not just take my word for it. Come cast these bad boys for yourself and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Shop Our Selection Of Temple Fork Outfitter Fly Rods

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