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Trouts Journal

One Rig to Rule Them All - Alex Kass

Ivan Orsic / Oct 16, 2018

This week we will continue our One Rig to Rule Them All Series. It's been a while since we've done one of these, but, it's time to put Alex Kass through the ringer. If you are not familiar, we have presented the idea to our shop employees and guides to choose one Rod/Reel/Line Setup as well as a choice of 3 fly patterns to fish for an entire year. This week we have caught up with our Online & Website Manager, Alex Kass. Here's what he had to say:


Rod: Sage Igniter – 9 ft 5 wt

The new Sage Igniter is a great all-around fast action rod, which matches perfectly with a lot of Colorado fishing conditions. No problem turning over heavy nymph rigs, tossing streamers, or punching 40’+ casts into whipping prairie winds. It may be on the fast side for throwing dries it has no issue throwing a hopper dropper with consistent accuracy. When it comes to throwing meat sometimes I will carry a streamer specific rod, however, it is nice to have a 5 weight with enough power to get the job done.

Reel: Nautilus X-Series XM

Lightweight, clean, extremely smooth start-up inertia, and fantastic stopping power, the XM everything I look for in a reel. One thing I love about this reel is how it takes the first run of a big fish. The smooth startup inertia has saved me multiple times when fighting large fish on light tippet. Combine that with a clean look and badass drag and you have one awesome reel.

Line: Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX

Plain and simple this is my favorite line I have ever had. The AST Plus Technology in the line is remarkable, smooth, accurate, long-lasting… The half-weight heavy line weight on the MPX turns over whatever you are tossing and loads the fastest of rods. While the price may be up there on the amplitude lines they are worth every penny.


Galloups Sex Dungeon

The name of this fly might be a bit out there, but when that streamer bite is on this fly turns some serious heads. Yellow, white and black are the colors you will always find in my box.

Jigged 20 Incher

This is a fly I almost always throw as my point fly regardless of where I am. Super buggy and a massive tungsten bead, this fly rockets to the bottom and keeps your flies in the strike zone for the whole drift. The weight of this fly allows me to not use split shot, which is great for tailwaters with those ultra-spooky fish. Tied on a jigged competition hook, this fly rides hook up which reduces the number of snags.

Royal Chubby Chernobyl

Yes, yes, and more yes. The royal chubby seems to pull fish to the surface regardless of where I am fishing, South Platte – yup, reservoirs – yup, high alpine – yup, seems like I can never go wrong with this fly.

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