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Trouts Journal

One Rig to Rule Them All: Andrew Larson

Ivan Orsic / Jan 13, 2018

This week we will continue our One Rig to Rule Them All Series. If you are not familiar, we have presented the idea to our shop employees and guides to choose one Rod/Reel/Line Setup as well as a choice of 3 fly patterns to fish for an entire year. This week we have caught up with our shop associate and occasional whipping boy, Andrew Larson. Here's what he had to say:

Rod: Scott Flex 905 Fly Rod

This rod is my workhorse. I can take it to most any trouty water and it'll get the job done. The Scott Flex is both accurate and forgiving. I can just grab the rod on my way out to the water and I don't have to worry about it at all. Doesn't hurt that it's made in Colorado.

Reel: Nautilus XM Classic

I just bought my Nautilus XM Classic, so of course I'd fish it for an entire year. I've got to get my monies worth. Plus the fully-sealed drag in the XM is hard to beat at that price point.

Line: Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout

The SA Mastery Trout has that classic true-to-rod size taper that throws dry flies really well. I like to throw dry flies.

Streamer: White Boogieman

I like the wool head and duck shank. They say it's all about the motion in the ocean, but I just think it's easy to see fish following white.

Dry Fly: Morrish Hopper

I choose the Morrish Hopper because of the downstream follows and the explosive eats. It doesn't matter that it won't fish well in the winter, I'm all about those summer hopper eats.

Nymph: Prince Nymph

I like flies that use peacock hurl. Call it a confidence thing, but like the iridescence of peacock hurl, especially in the Prince Nymph.

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