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Trouts Journal

One Rig To Rule Them All: Chris Fildes

Ivan Orsic / May 19, 2017

The much beloved series continues. This installment is from Trouts Frisco's Regional Manager Chris Fildes. If Chris isn't hanging around the Frisco shop, I'd lay whatever money I have in my bank account that you'd find him on the river, with his favorite six weight and camera in hand. Much like the other installments, we presented Chris with the age-old question, if you had one rod/reel setup and three flies for an entire year, what would they be. Here are Chris' answers:


For my casting stroke and the water I regularly fish, the Sage X 690-4 has become one of my favorite sticks in Colorado. I had to grow into this rod it at first. Casting this rod in the parking lot doesn’t give you the full experience of what it’s truly capable of be any means. The KonneticHD technology has increased its blank recovery rate and also dialed in a crisper tip stop in turn helping the angler (or myself) throw tighter loops (I definitely noticed when casting from the drift boat). The 6wt gives me the option to fish all conditions from larger rivers, heavy nymph rigs, streamers, or to cut through the “dub” (also known as wind).


I choose the Hatch 4 Plus as it is in my personal opinion, a perfect size for my 6wt setup. The Finatic is bombproof and just beautifully constructed. From the stacked Rulon/stainless steel disc sealed drag system, to the solid one piece machined reel seat, you will see and feel the amazing craftsmanship when you put one of these babies in your hand.


Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX with AST PLUS Line This line is my all around workhorse! I know that it’s broken the barriers of costly fly lines ($129.95), but if you are looking for a line that changes the game for all applications, look no further! The half line-size heavier feature helps me slow the rod down and launch some line, mends like a dream, and now has a AST PLUS additive that makes the line slicker and more durable than any other fly line on the market!


Streamer - Lil’ Kim Copper - This streamer has a become one of my favorite streamers in the past year of using it. I personally like the #8 the most and will fish em with a Rio Versileader or just a few split shots up front.

Dry - Parachute Adams

I like this option as my dry for the entire year because I can marker it up, cut the tail off (to give it a midge profile), and use it in its naturally deadly form.

Nymph - Tungsten Soft Hackle Flashback PT

I dont think I need to say very much about this pattern. It is such a great all around nymph and a must have in your box!

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