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Trouts Journal

One Rig To Rule Them All: Cody Hoeckleberg

Ivan Orsic / Nov 12, 2014

The idea for this came about from one of our Facebook followers in our weekly "Let's Hear It" post. The topic was, "If you were to be stuck with 1 rig for all locations / seasons / conditions in CO what would you use and why?" I thought this was a very interesting topic, however given that every fly angler has their own opinions, we'll repeat this post a few times with several of our employees around the shop. This week the question was presented to one of our more tenured employees, Cody Hoeckleberg. Given that Cody falls into the category of being able to put one of those "Native" stickers on his Xterra should he choose (which I doubt he will), it only seemed fitting to start with him.

I presented this topic to Cody and was immediately given the response of, "let me think on this for a minute". It is an interesting proposition afterall. One rig that has to get you by for 365 days, from summer time dries, fall streamers, winter midges....While the rod/reel maybe easy enough to deduce with a little thought, being limited to just three fly patterns to get you through it all is a whole different dilemma. What would you choose?

Here's what Cody had to say....

Rod: Sage One 9' 5wt. To start, this rod is just an absolute blast to cast/fish in general. It's super light in hand, very accurate, and capable of doing it all from throwing small parachute adams to streamer rigs.

Reel: Abel Super 4N. If I'm stuck fishing one reel all year long, it might as well be one I can depend on for flawless performance. Abels are rock solid in every aspect of the word, plus have one of the best drag systems availabe for when a big one decides to make a run.

Line: Rio Gold In-Touch - I started fishing this line earlier this year and love it. The "non-stretchiness" of it really delivers solid hooksets. This can be especially important if you get bit with 50 or 60 feet of line out!

Flies: Smethehurst midge bomb- size 18, Morrish's Iron Sally- size 14, and a Black Haymaker Sculpin. I have a ton of confidence in all three of these flies. I feel my bases would be covered from technical winter midge fishing, summer time fishing where the fish are more focused on stoneflies, and the Haymaker Sculpin is definitely a favorite of mine for Colorado and beyond. Its profile really does resemble a sculpin. Wide head with a tapering body towards the tail. I've had success doing everything from dead drifting it through turbulent, boulder filled pocket water to ripping it off shallow shelves and gravel bars.

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