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Trouts Journal

One Rig to Rule Them All: Cole Purswell

Ivan Orsic / Jan 17, 2017

This week we continue our One Rig to Rule them all series with shop employee Cole Purswell. Cole holds the title of Resident New Guy around the shop! However, that doesn't change the fact that he can flat out get it done on the water. I presented the question to him that if you had to fish one rod/reel setup and three flies for an entire year, what would they be? Here is what Cole had to say:

Rod: Scott Radian 9 ft 5 wt. This rod is extremely impressive and not to mention a real looker. It is super light in hand, but still powerful, smooth, and dead accurate. This rod can do it all from light tippet, technical presentations to cloudy day meat slinging sessions and everything in between. The fast action combined with a soft tip allows anglers to maintain the power without losing any feel. Pick up this rod and I guarantee it will out fish your expectations. This is the most well-balanced 5 wt rod I have fished and is an excellent choice for exploring all waters Colorado has to offer.

Reel: Hatch Finatic 4+. This American made, bomb proof reel is one of my favorites. The precise craftsmanship and clean cut lines really make this reel stand out in a sea of standard. The fact that this reel is machined out of one piece of high grade aluminum makes it one of the burliest reels available on the market today and with a fully sealed drag system, you don’t have to worry about dropping this reel in any mud, sand, grime or sludge that you might find while you're out there on the river.

Line: Scientific Angler Mastery MPX. From tossing small dries to hucking big streamers the MPX can handle it all. A great all around WF fly line.


Stimulator: Take a look through my pack and dig out my dry box and this is the fly that you will find dominating most of the rows. This fly makes for a great searching pattern throughout the entire summer. Tie on a size #20 - #14 and you have a caddis or small stone fly. Tie on a size #12 - #4 and you have a larger golden stone, salmon fly, or hopper imitation. I'm not really sure what the Stimi is originally tied to imitate, but I am sure sure that this fly flat out catches fish.
Double Thin Mint: Take the all time classic Thin Mint Woolly Bugger and add the modern day articulation mod and you have the Double Thin Mint. A long slender profile with natural colors and minimal flash built into a articulated body makes for a fish catching machine. Another great feature of this fly are the two tungsten beads that make this fly drop through the water column to get down to those fish with out the need of a sink tip. Also the second hook makes a great stinger for those grabby fish that are hard pressed to fully commit. This is a go to streamer and I fish it with confidence year round.
Pheasant Tail: The pheasant tail is the most classic fly in the book and it is for a reason. IT CATCHES FISH. Tied in a variation of colors sizes and additional bead heads this fly is almost always on the end of my rig when exploring new waters. Tied mostly to imitate mayfly nymphs, don't rule this fly when choosing other fly imitations. It can represent midges in its smaller sizes, as well as small stones when tied on a larger shank hook, but its bread and butter is any mayfly imitation. Tie a Tungsten Bead Pheasant Tail on behind a Stimi and you have the perfect small stream dry/dropper rig. The versatility of the Pheasant Tail makes it hard to beat and is a must have on any fly fishing expedition.

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