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One Rig To Rule Them All: Jon Kirk

Ivan Orsic / Sep 19, 2016

The idea for this came about from one of our Facebook followers in our weekly "Let's Hear It" post. The topic was, "If you were to be stuck with 1 rig for all locations / seasons / conditions in CO what would you use and why?" I thought this was a very interesting topic, however given that every fly angler has their own opinions, we'll repeat this post a few times with several of our employees around the shop. This week the question was presented to shope employee Jon Kirk. Given that Jon spends just about every chance he gets on the water, from high mountain lakes to local warm water fisheries, it seemed fitting to hear what he had to say.

I presented the question to Jon and told him to ponder the idea for awhile. Afterall the idea of using one rig for 365 days, from streamers to winter midges is a fairly interesting request. I'll present the same question to all of you; what would you choose?

Here's what Jon had to say...

Rod: Sage X 9’ 5wt - The newest offering from Sage and IFTD’s “Best in Show” winner, the Sage X is a do-it-all rod perfect for tackling everything that Colorado has to offer. With the new Konnetic HD technology, not only is the rod featherlight, the accuracy and backbone that this rod delivers is incredible. No matter the fishery or fly this rod will get the job done.

Reel: Abel SD 4-5- Abel spent many years developing a sealed drag offering and the product is immaculate. The Abel SD offers the smoothest drag system on the market, key for fishing technical tail water with light tippets. The

sealed drag system allows for confidence in a reel that is going to produce the same Abel quality on every fish in every condition

Fly Line: Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Ultimate Trout- One fly line for an entire year, this one better last. This fly line is ideal for the Sage X. The combination of the textured fly line with the Sharkskin technology gives this line not only durability for an entire year but a line that floats.

Flies: I'll start with my go to streamer. Hands down the Sculpzilla is one of the most, if not the most productive streamers. The weight, variety of colors, and profile of this fly makes it extremely versatile. From fishing streamers on the Colorado River in the fall to chasing Smallmouth, this streamer does it all. My dry fly choice is the Adams. The standard Adams fly with no parachute, is in my opinion the most productice dry fly across the many unique and technical fisheries the state of Colorado has to offer. From imitating a mosquito at alpine lakes and streams to a BWO on many of Colorado's tailwaters, the Adams diversity makes it my favorite dry fly. My go to nymph has to be a Black Beauty. First, this fly is simple, it is not flashy nor bulky. Secondly, this fly works year round resulting with fish both on tailwaters and freestone rivers and streams. Lastly, for all the tiers out there, this fly is easy to tie, requiring minimal materials.

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