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Trouts Journal

One Rig to Rule Them All - Matt Todd

Ivan Orsic / Oct 10, 2017

The idea for this came about from one of our Facebook followers in our weekly "Let's Hear It" post. The topic was, "If you were to be stuck with 1 rig for all locations / seasons / conditions in CO what would you use and why?" I thought this was a very interesting topic, however given that every fly angler has their own opinions, we'll repeat this post a few times with several of our employees around the shop. This week the question was presented to Denver Regional Manager Matt Todd. Matt's thirst for finding new, unfished water is pretty strong. His Google Map archives includes some interesting choices.

We've detailed Matt Todd's dry sense of humor when we introduced him on the blog earlier this year. So, it should be no suprise that Matt Todd answered as he did. I presented the question to Matt and told him to ponder the idea for awhile. After all the idea of using one rig for 365 days, from streamers to winter midges is a fairly interesting request. I'll present the same question to all of you; what would you choose?

Here's what Matt had to say...

So, one rig for a year? Any rig? Price is not an issue? Do I get to keep it after a year?

I like the rigs that I currently fish, but they are a few years old, and I'm assuming I'm supposed to talk about new and exciting merchandise, no? Okay, I'll play.

ROD: Orvis H3D, 690-4

The D stands for "Daaang." Yes, it's a 6wt. A 6wt that casts like a 5wt, but that's still light as hell, dumb accurate, and throws line far. I would then carve my name into the graphite with a dull knife, making it ugly and less sought-after, but personal to me, so none of you would want it. Now it's mine.

REEL: Abel SDF 5/6

Black on Black on Black, like Johnny Cash, Darth Vader, AC/DC's 1980 release, and Burt Reynolds' Trans-Am. Go to the Abel website and build your own though, it's fun. This reel is purty, real purty. And the drag system is suitable (and sealed) for all the gigantic fish I catch. All of them.

LINE: Amplitude MPX WF6F

Line is zero fun to buy, but it makes big difference. So I'd go with SA's Amplitude MPX WF6F. It's got all of SA's technologies embedded in it, including the AST Plus slickness additive that will shoot some far-a$% line and last more than a year. Which is convenient since I'm keeping it.


Flies would realistically be three s**** patterns that I tie myself. Fish seem to like them, and it's always gratifying to fool fish on your own pattern. But you don't know what those patterns are and you can't buy them and I'm not going to tie them for you, so I'll list three flies that you can buy at fly shops, like Trouts Fly Fishing at 1303 E 6th Ave in Denver, Colorado.

DRY - Stimulator:

Any color, size 10. This is no surprise to anyone, even if you don't know me. Stimis are great attractor flies on their own, imitating terrestrials, big caddis, and sallies. They're buoyant enough to hoist a nymph up deep in the water column, too, on your dry-dropper rig. Stimulator: 1 Everything Else: 0

NYMPH - Two Bit Hooker:

I will not divulge my favorite color and size. You can figure out your own. Two tungsten beads, thin profile, small and heavy. And that's all you need.

STREAMER - Slumpbuster:

I'd be happy with any color, but I think I'll choose brown for it's versatility and overall kick-#$%ness. Trout, bass, carp, crappie, whatever. This simple cone-head bunny strip streamer is supa-good.

The end.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Matt Todd is a national treasure.

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