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Trouts Journal

One Rig To Rule Them All: Tanner Smith

Ivan Orsic / Apr 14, 2017

This week we will continue our One Rig to Rule Them All Series. If you are not familiar, we have presented the idea to our shop employees and guides to choose one Rod/Reel/Line Setup as well as a choice of 3 fly patterns to fish for an entire year. This week we have caught up with our Online & Website Manager, Tanner Smith. Here's what he had to say:

Rod: Thomas & Thomas Avantt - 9 foot 5 weight - Listen, I am not the best caster in the game so when a rod makes a difference, it has to mean something. The Avantt is the smoothest fly rod I have ever thrown and it responds well to just about any situation Colorado can throw at it. I prefer to throw dry flies and streamers when I am on the water. The 9 foot 5 weight Avantt can handle either, while providing great accuracy and control whether I am fishing a small Colorado meadow stream or the hucking Hoppers somewhere on the Ark.

Reel: Ross Cimarron II - 4-5 - Being from Colorado, Ross always gets the edge in my book. The Cimarron is my choice here for so many reasons. It handles any trout you will come across in Colorado, looks good in the reel seat, has a affordable price tag and can take a beating without losing any of its appeal. What else does a reel need to be able to do?

Line: SA Amplitude MPX - Trust me,the $130 price tag concerned myself as much as the next guy, but this line really makes a difference. It floats high and picks up really easy. As good as the line is to fish, I think the best part about it is its durability. It’s been stepped on, fished with, wrapped around rocks, tigs you name it and still not a single crack.

Flies: My streamer choice is going to be tough, I’ll have to say the Mini-Double Gonga, while it isn’t my favorite streamer at certain parts of the year, it is definitely one of the most productive year round. It’s small body with the action it brings gets attention just about any time you tie one on. If you read our blogs or come into the store then you know how predictable my nymph selection is going to be, but I have to go with the Hares Ear. The Hares Ear is a fly that doesn’t match anything, but at the same time matches everything, if that makes any sense. The variety of ways you can fish the Hares Ear is why it is my choice for the entire year. My dry fly of choice is going to be the Amy’s Ant. It also has a variety of uses (from a Hopper to a Caddis) but, honestly I chose this fly because you can really fish them a good amount of the year. I could have gone with a Parachute Adams to actually catch fish 365 but, the way fish come up and smash a big Amy’s Ant makes up for the cold months when it won’t get a look.

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