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Trouts Journal

Part Two: What’s In Your Pack

Ivan Orsic / May 29, 2017

People in the shop frequently ask what they need to carry on a day to day basis. As most anglers can attest, “What’s in your pack” varies per person. From the extremist who has everything you could ever need, down to the minimalist who carries just enough to survive a day on the water. If you and your fishing buddies are like us, each person plays a role in making sure everyone has what they need while on the water. To wrap this series up, Chris Fildes, Regional Manager Trouts Frisco, submits his entry into the game.

Without further ado, here is Chris Fildes.

I am personally fall between the extremest and minimalist. Sometimes I tend to surprise myself with some of the miscellaneous stuff I have in my pack such as Exstream Foldover Mitts during the warm spring days, or even an extra pair of socks?


I currently fish out of a backpack, specifically a Waypoints Large Backpack as it can hold a fair amount of stuff while equally distributing the total weight that I am carrying during a given day. I have fished a sling, chest, and hip pack, but have found that the backpack doesn't irritate my lower back as much as the others did.

Non Fishing related Items:

I always carry my Sony A7 with an 18-105 lens, extra batteries, and my other lens.

An extra jacket just in case we experience some of the elements out there

I tend to get very hangry if i’m not consciously looking after it, that said I have emergency trail mix to protect everyone on the river.

Water - gotta have that! I just fill up my Yeti Rambler 18 and stash it in the water bottle holder on the side pocket.

Fishing Accessories / Terminal Tackle:

Leaders Powerflex Plus - 7.5ft 4X leaders

Tippets from 0X - 6X - I carry both Powerflex and Flouroflex in sizes 3X - 6X.. I like having options ok??!

Abel Nippers - Everyone should own a pair of good nippers to cut your line, I mean what’s the tool you use the most out there on the water? I guarantee that your nippers are one of the top contenders. You get an amazingly crafted nipper with a lifetime warranty that has all of these different color finishes, not to mention the custom stuff that Abel does!

Rising Ultralight Tool - I love the mitten clamps concept as it relates to my forceps or multi tool.. I’ve spent way too long trying to get my fingers out of the other forceps that I have not looked back since. Another great feature on these is the tactical scissors!

High and Dry Floatants + Dry Shakes - Ok, these guys are from Boulder Colorado and two of them are chemists. . they put out an amazing set of floatants and dry shakes that everyone should try out and see for themselves..

Indicators - Yarn and Air-locks, I tend to use the yarn indicators on the tailwater and the Air-locks on the freestones if i’m not using a dry dropper rig.

Spit Shot - Having a variety pack of a few different sized splits is always a good call!

Fly Boxes:

Umpqua Weekender Box - for only my nymphs. . I can use all of the different organization featured foam slits and magnetic line trays for all sorts of nymphs.

Umpqua Streamer Fly Box for the meats - I don’t necessarily need to carry a boat box on me and it also takes up a significant amount of space in the backpack so this is a great alternative.

Original Tacky Fly Box - for my dries, I love how that tacky patent pending rubber silicone insert holds those flies in there and it's very sturdy so I don't have to worry about cracking the plastic.

I feel like the setup I have at this point works pretty well for the conditions I fish, It's perfect for fishing Colorado whether or not i'm in a boat for the day floating or just wade fishing with Tanner.

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