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Trouts Journal

PHOTO ESSAY: The Dream Lives On

Ivan Orsic / Jan 22, 2020

Winter fishing is no easy proposition. However, when Trouts' own Media Mastermind, Ivan Orsic, asked if I wanted to shoot a photo essay for the shop, I was stoked. 3... That's how many outings it took to link up with decent fish. The point is, persistence is key. Get out there and fish. Despite winter conditions, you will likely still find fish willing to eat a bug or two.

With high hopes, I picked up Trouts Denver Sales Associate, Jack "Blue Steel" Wickman, early Saturday morning and we were off. 'What laid in store for our day', I wondered to myself. Would we make the haul to the Dream Stream in vain? Negative, Ghost Rider... The Dream Lives On.

After making our way down from the lot, Jack quickly got to work.

It wasn't long before Jack found a willing participant.

This little guy had ole "Blue Steel" reminiscing about the time he witnessed a muskrat and a trout wage war in the middle of the stream. I would like to think that the trout won.

This little guy lives to see another day. Fight on, buddy.

Jack's Flyweight boots kept him comfortable as we waded through the snow.

Jack begins to wonder... do big fish like tiny, blue worms? Time to find out.

Turns out, they do.

Winter Brownie - a welcome surprise.

Jack clears the ice from his guides... We're back in business.

Keep your eyes on the prize, Jack.

Another one...

See ya later.

Jack's Nomad Mid Length came in handy on a frigid, winter's day. Speaking of, if anyone finds this net, it belongs to Jack... RIP.

Jack surveys a new run. Time for one last fish.

Boom goes the dynamite. Yet another Brown fish.

A closer look.

Well, its been fun. Catch ya later.

Now you get it. Ole "Blue Steel" is pleased with the day.

Time to head back home. Bye now.

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