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Trouts Journal

Pike School | Last Minute Openings

Ivan Orsic / Jun 24, 2021

Openings for our Pike School with our own Rick Mikesell and Barry Reynolds are hard to come by. Why? Well, to start - chasing pike on the fly is one of the more exhilarating experiences you can have on the fly. Using big rods to pursue big piscivorous fish chasing big swimming flies is a recipe for awesome. If that wasn't enough, Barry just so happened to author THE book "Pike on the Fly" and Rick has been chasing those toothy critters for quite some time. The pair has decades of experience to share with you and while there is no substitute for years of on-the-water experience, we're beyond confident that a day with Rick and Barry will fast track you towards a lifetime of success pursuing for pike on the fly.

Due to a handful of last-minute cancellations, we have limited openings for this weekend's Pike School on June 26th, 2021. Needless to say, the opportunity to learn about catching pike on the fly from Rick and Barry is an amazing one and they're eager to show you the ropes of this aggressive, predatory, and sometimes bewildering species.

**To sign up for a class or further information give us a call (303) 733-1434**


Pike can produce some of the most explosive and entertaining eats of any fish that calls Colorado home. Fly fishing for pike is one of the most addicting pursuits in the sport. While they can be aggressive, pike can also be difficult to catch. If you’ve been looking to chase the so-called ‘Water Wolf ’ here in the Centennial State, then make sure to make room in your schedule for Trouts 2021 Pike Schools.

This class begins with a 2-hour in-store presentation Friday (6/25) evening and includes seasonality, fishing locations, fish behavior, appropriate gear and flies. Saturday morning (6/26), class will resume at a designated location and cover presentation, and tactics on water. The remainder of the day will be spent targeting your quarry. This class will be offered out of our Denver location.

(COST: $325)

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