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Trouts Journal

Post Hurricane Irma Update

Ivan Orsic / Sep 15, 2017

Photo Credit: © Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures

As the dust settles and the waters retreat following Irma's epic journey through the Caribbean and the US's South-East coasts, questions regarding the world-renowned fisheries that were in the storms path are starting to emerge. Luckily our partners over at Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures have been in steady communication with their partner lodges and guides, and have provided us with a detailed overview of the current angling conditions throughout the Caribbean:

"Hurricane Irma made landfall on Cuba as a Category 5 hurricane on Cuba’s northern coast on Friday before moving on to Florida over the weekend. As everyone who has watched or listed to the news of the past week knows, this monster storm left a huge trail of damage and destruction as it roared throughout the Caribbean. As promised, Yellow Dog has been tracking how the storm has effected the lodges, fisheries and angling destinations throughout the Caribbean, and we wanted to share what recent news we have for the areas in which we operate. While reports of damage have been slow to trickle in, we will continue to post more details throughout the week as the areas hardest hit are accessed." Read the entire update here

After reviewing their detailed post storm report, it is clear that a number of our favorite destinations were luckily spared from the storms wrath and fury, including Cayo Largo, Cuba where Trouts has a Hosted Trip in conjunction with Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures. But while many parts of the Caribbean were spared, others took direct hits from the storm, and reports indicate it could be months, if not years until these places are fully recovered. This includes the famed Florida Keys, which took a direct hit and suffered the most severe damage in the Continental US. Reports are still coming in divulging the full extent of the damage, and we will certainly keep our customers up-to-date with any reports we receive. But in the end, the fine folks at Yellow Dog put it best in the following remarks:

"The reality is that one of the best ways to support any of the areas and the fishing operations that have been impacted by Hurricane Irma is to book a trip for the near future! From a fishing standpoint (and typically with storms of this magnitude), these saltwater flats fisheries can actually improve post-storm, and the fishing can be very good after a major storm rolls through an area. On top of this, bringing tourist dollars back into areas that have been hit is one of the best ways to support effected communities."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. As noted above, Trouts and Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures will be hosting a week-long trip to Cayo Largo, Cuba in June of 2018, you can learn more about that trip here. If the timing and destination of this trip aren't what you're looking for, please be sure to reach out and inquire about the other options available to you in the many regions and fisheries of the Caribbean.

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