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Trouts Journal

Product Spotlight: New Zealand Strike Indicator

Ivan Orsic / Oct 11, 2014

Additionally, anyone who knows me also knows I'm skeptical about "hot new products" for fly fishing. Perhaps sometimes I can be a little quick to judge something as gimmicky, but that's not a topic for today. When I first saw the New Zealand strike indicators hit the market, I instantly put them into the gimmick category. However, in the most humble way possible, I will say my opinion has changed. These indicators are the real deal and are the perfect solution for spooky or technical trout. I'm still sticking with my thingamabobbers for bigger rivers, however the New Zealand Strike Indicator is now my go-to for everything else.

Aside from the fact they're totally customizable by trimming the wool to your desired length, I really love how they don't put that s-curve kink in your line like other yarn indicators will. They're also super easy to adjust depth. At a place such as Deckers, Cheesman Canyon or the Frying Pan, adjusting your indicator depth from spot to spot can be a must some days. The New Zealand allows you to accomplish this by simply sliding the indicator up or down on the leader. It doesn't get much easier than that.

I could certainly ramble on more about these but it's probably best for you to simply see the New Zealand Strike Indicator in action. Click on the video below from Louis Cahill at Gink and Gasoline. I think you'll quickly agree this is a must if fishing yarn indicators is in your future!

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