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Trouts Journal

Product Spotlight- Simms Dry Creek Series

Ivan Orsic / Aug 8, 2014

Additonally, I feel comfortable saying there's not an angler in existence that doesn't already know about the quality, craftsmanship and dependability that comes with owning a pair of Simms waders. However, there is still one more topic of discussion that is equally as important as staying dry and comfortable on the water-- the bags, packs, and luggage systems that we depend on to protect our gear from the elements......or perhaps just a disgruntled airline baggage handler. Whether you're headed to a brook trout stream just up a local dirt road, or half way around the world chasing the fish of our dreams, no trip will be a success if your gear doesn't arrive at the water ready to perform. Thankfully, our good friends at Simms Fishing Products continue to provide us a solution for this important part of the angling equation- the Dry Creek Series. This 5 piece system is designed to take any and all of the aqueous abuse that mother nature can dish out, all with a smile on it's (or perhaps the angler's) face.

While the Dry Creek Series has been out for a few years now and has proven itself from a quality and function standpoint, Simms has done a fantastic job at continuing to improve an already great product. One of the features that has all of us at the shop excited about is the Hypalon strap attachment points on the roll top bags and boat bags. These attachment points allow the angler to strap their gear down to a boat or raft, ensuring additional security against losing their valuables in the drink. All of these products are made out of an ultra durable, completely waterproof TPU coated material and the zippers have been upgraded for 2014 as well.

Dry Creek Backpack- Whether hiking into Cheeseman Canyon when afternoon thunderstorms are predicted, or tossing into the bottom of a panga for day on the flats in Belize where salt and spray are sure to be everpresent, this roll top bag is big enough to hold all the necessary essentials to ensure the day's success- all the while keeping your gear handy and protected from the elements.

Dry Creek Hip Pack- Let's face it, those moss covered, bowling ball sized rocks of the Roaring Fork or Taylor Rivers are never something any wading angler looks forward too. The way I see it there are two types of anglers- those who have slipped and ended up wetter than previously planned because of these rocks......and those who just haven't YET. This hip pack is the anwer to a variety of situations that all result in a soaked hip pack. Whether it's pouring rain or the inevitable misstep that we all take from time to time, this pack is the remedy to avoiding soaked fly boxes opened up and airing out on your kitchen counter later that evening.

Dry Creek Boat Bag- This appealing new design on a product that's been around for years is sure to gain favor with countless anglers. The Dry Creek Boat bag comes in two different sizes- large and medium- to accomodate the varying needs that come with keeping gear dry. The innovative, magnetized Catch-and-Release buckle affixed to the compression molded lid works like a charm and leaves me thinking- "why didn't I think of that?" . Get the large for your flies, the medium for your camera gear and head to the river.

Dry Creek Duffle- There's nothing worse than waiting to board a plane, looking out the giant airport windows at a downpour, and knowing your luggage is sitting out on a cart getting soaked while it's waiting to get loaded-- that is unless your gear is packed in this bag. This is about the farthest you can get from your grandfather's old canvas camo duffle you saw him use when you were a kid. Roll top design keeps gear dry even when fully submersed and padded shoulder straps and handles add to the enjoyment of using this bag. Two sizes are available- large and medium. (I'm pretty sure the large is big enough to also double as your hotel room once you arrive at your destination)

Dry Creek Roll Top Bag- Every float fishing angler worth his weight in Gore-Tex has a roll top, dry bag....however, I believe this bag proves it's time for an upgrade. Featuring a completely waterproof, TPU clear view window on the side of this bag, you can rest assured your wallet, camera and extra clothes will be protected even in biggest soaker.

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