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Trouts Journal

RIO’s New Fly Line Selector App

Ivan Orsic / Sep 5, 2014

Luckily RIO Products happens to agree, and they just happened to come out with a fancy new app to help anglers find the right fly line for their specific rod and general needs. Available for FREE for both Apple and Android devices, the new RIO Fly Line Selector App is sure to become a trusted asset to anglers looking to re-up on a new fly line.

What really makes this new app standout in our minds is the number of factors that are taken into consideration when recommending a fly line. During the selection process, users are asked a number of questions about their equipment and the desired use of the line. Questions include:

  • Fly Rod Type (single hand, double hand, switch)
  • Fly Rod Maker (they have rod recommendations for almost every fly rod manufacturer in the industry)
  • Fly Rod Model and Size (organized conveniently by fly rod maker)
  • Water Type (freshwater, saltwater)
  • Water Temp (coldwater, warmwater)
  • Environment (river, lake)
  • Species (trout, anadromous, bass, pike, etc)
  • Line Density (floating, sink tip, full sink)
  • Application (presentation, general purpose, streamer, etc.)

All of this further proves that finding the right fly line for your rod isn't as easy as most have been led to believe, and something that we at Trouts Fly Fishing have been preaching for years. In the end the fly line is your connection point between you and the fish you are stalking, so why not take the time to ensure you have the best fly line for your rod?

The RIO Fly Line Selector App can be downloaded here, or simply come on by the shop and we'll be happy to walk you through it.

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