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Trouts Journal

Road Trippin’

Ivan Orsic / Aug 6, 2012

Some road trips are wildly complex and other are beautifully simple. At the root of most fishing trips to new frontiers is something unique yet universal: exploration, travel, curiosity, research, trial and error... new water.

During the month of August we’re going to highlight a number of fishing destinations that make for great road trips from the Denver area. Not only are we going to highlight the nuts and bolts of the fishery, we will also make sure you know who to talk to before you go or when you get there. Make sure to check back throughout the month to see what we cook up for you.

In the meantime, here is what a recent road trip to the Montana backcountry looked like when we teamed up with our pals at the Drake Magazine. The recipe for this one was a little bit more complex and hairy than most.

First, start with a seven hour drive and truck full of gear to a tarmac in Ft. Smith Montana.

Then add in a four seat Cessna.

Buckle up. Get airborne. Hold on tight.

Take the plane over the ~9000 ft granite peaks and start looking for the grass landing strip - that when compared to a commercial airport - is about the size of a postage stamp.

Land safely and load up on bear spray.

Commence fishing.

Check out the local bug activity. Make it happen.

Make sure to check back with us for great trip ideas every week for the month of August.

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