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Trouts Journal

Saturday Repost: Don’t Ride The Brakes

Ivan Orsic / Apr 18, 2015

Compliments of our friends at Gink and Gasoline, here's a good one from 14 months ago. While the weather is generally pleasant here in Colorado, the fact is the wind can still get to howling- particularly in places like the Dream Stream. Fishing some of our canyon lined rivers can also serve as a wind tunnel as well. I agree with all that Kent has to say in this article and have witnessed this same phenomenon countless times. I don't know how many times I've had to remind customer "You're not going to break this fly rod by putting a little power behind your stroke." "This rod was made to cast so we might as well make it do just that" or even just "Let's start casting like we're proud to be fishing in Colorado!"....bottom line is. Fly rods these days are made to perform and putting a little muscle and tempo behind your casting stroke is one of the best ways to A) add instant distance and B) take the elements head on.

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