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Trouts Journal

Saturday Repost: Get Your Seam On

Ivan Orsic / Apr 11, 2015

This article- compliments of our friends over at Gink & Gasline- is perfect for any angler whether this is your first or fiftieth season on the water. I talk to alot of people about fishing, and not suprisingly, about fishing the South Platte. The usual frustrations of it being "tough" or "crowded" always seem to get brought up. My typical rebuttal is something along the lines of ignoring the crowds and to just go fish with confidence- reminding them that "if it looks like it's holding fish, it probably is". One of the best place to find fish on the S. Platte, or anywhere for that matter, is always on the seams. And I'm not just talking the classic deep, green pools with seams so big a blind person could see them. Look for the small stuff. The micro seams. The two rocks that make a seam only 2 feet long...you'll see. Enjoy.

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