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Trouts Journal

Save The Date! In Store Presentation: The South Platte Made Simple

Ivan Orsic / Jun 6, 2015

In my opinion there are a lot of different types of anglers, and a lot of different reasons people continue to head back to the river with fly rod in hand. One of the biggest groups I feel I see is the angler who just wants to enjoy a day outdoors (whether with friends or solo) and simply put a few fish in the net. The fact that a Baetis, Pale Morning Dun or Caddis hatch might be coming off is secondary to the fact that they get to put on the wading boots and soak up some Vitamin D. And while worrying about the Latin names of streamside insects and 30 minute debates on the benefits of hand tying your own leaders may be appealing to some anglers (myself included occasionally) the fact is that this will never be the major contingent of the fly fishing community. Plain and simple...I feel most people just want to catch some trout and whether that's on a midge, baetis, pmd or san juan worm simply becomes irrelevant details to a large degree.

So with that in mind, this presentation will provide the exact formula to consistently do what every angler hopes to do- catch trout every time you step foot into the river.

Topics covered will include: Seasonal Bug Life, Fly Selection, Reading Water, Presentation and Rigging.

Date: Thursday 6/25

Where: Trouts Fly Fishing

Time: 5:30-6:30pm

Hope to see you all there!

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