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Trouts Journal

Save The Tarpon, Help Stop the Professional Tarpon Tour Series

Ivan Orsic / Feb 6, 2012

I rarely like to use our blog as a soap box, but occasionally there comes a cause where I just cannot help myself. First let me start off by saying that I am an angler and avid sportsmen. I fish, hunt and do anything and everything I can outdoors. I am not an elitist fly fisherman. I have been known to throw a spin and bait cast rod, and have had a great time doing so. I also believe that all anglers have the same rights to fish, no matter if you're throwing a fly, a spoon, or a worm. That said, I am adimantley against the Professional Tarpon Tour Series (PTTS). Angling events such as these do nothing more than harm fisheries, all for the sake of the all mightly dollar. While there are plenty angling competitions that I believe fall within the bounds of "ethical angling", the PTTS is not one of them.

The Save The Tarpon cause was started by Rick Hirsch, a resident of Florida and avid Tarpon Angler. Rick's motivation behind this cause is nothing more than to preserve his home fishery. Yet through the powers of social media and to good old World Wide Web, Rick has been able to get the word out on the potential threats the PTTS poses to Florida's world renowned fisheries. Through his efforts, Rick has been able to soliciate the support of some big names in the fly fishing industry, proving that this issue goes well beyond th borders of Florida and it's fisherman. So if you share in our concerns over this event, and would like to do something to help preserve Florida's Tarpon populations, please email your name and hometown to:


We have just received some updated contact info for Save The Tarpon:

Save the Tarpon of Boca Grande Pass

Join them on Facebook!

additionally, there is now an online petition located at http://savethetarpon.com/sign-the-petition/

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