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Trouts Journal

Scientific Anglers Frequency Fly Lines

Ivan Orsic / Nov 13, 2014

The 'mid-priced' fly fishing market has been hot lately. As the technology used in all things fly-fishing continues to improve, what used to be the "top-of-the-line" and blew everyone away just a few years ago, has now been imporved upon. This is good for two reasons. One, it gives anglers shopping for top-end gear more and more options. More importantly, these technologies from a few years ago are still capable of producing amazing products today. What this means for the angler on a budget is that they are able to get higher and higher quality gear, while remaining relatively friendly on the checkbook. Talk about a win-win.

Keeping with the theme of offering top-quality gear for the price conscious angler, Scientific Anglers asked the question "Why should premium lines be the only ones with premium technology?" They decided the answer is, "They shouldn't".

Enter the Frequency series of fly lines. At $49.95, these lines are up to half the price of other premium offerings. SA wanted to keep things simple with these lines as well by limiting the Frequency series to 6 different tapers: Boost, Trout, Magnum, Sink TIp, Intermediate Sink, and Full Sink. It's tough to think of a base not covered with this line up.

We're still a couple weeks out from having them in store- 12/1 is our expected date of receival, however we at Trouts are commited to keeping you informed on the latest and greatest. If a new fly line(s) are making it on your holiday shopping list, this just might be your answer!

Furthermore, (we gotta give a little love here), Denver resident, Fishpond employee, and local fishing guide Danny Frank- you may have seen him around the shop or at one of our customer events- is the poster boy for the Frequency. Check out this cool video put together by SA showcasing Danny doing what he does best.

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