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Trouts Journal

Scouts and Trout’s

Ivan Orsic / Oct 5, 2012

Trout’s Fly Fishing and Denver Trout Unlimited have quite a bit in common:

1) The South Platte River is our home water

2) We both are committed to helping improve and restore Denver's South Platte River

3) DTU and Trout’s love to introduce new people to fly fishing - especially kids

That is why it made perfect sense when a local Cub Scout Troop who was interested in getting their Scouts on the water approached DTU and Trout’s. Here is what we were able to pull off after a morning volunteering at the Greenway Foundation's fall river sweep.

We talked about the river needs: sustained flows, improved habitat, improved water quality.

We talked about the different species of fish that call the Denver South Platte River home: common carp, mirror carp, brown trout, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, walleye and catfish and others. We also tried to find out what they ate.

We talked about the basics of fly fishing, stalking spooky carp, and sight casting to river fish.

Lastly we showed the Scouts where Clint Packo almost broke his rod in 1000 pieces during the Carp Slam.

And then we had some fun in the river.

We’d like to thank Dr. Matt Esson who initiated this event as well as all of the other Dads and volunteers who joined us on the South Platte River. We also like to give Randall Paetzold of R! Series Photography a big shout out and "Thank You" for volunteering his morning and taking all of these great images.

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