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Simms Wading Room-The Blog

Ivan Orsic / Jan 3, 2015

Many of you may have seen the recent 'Pro Kit' feature Simms has been running on 6 of their pro ambassadors. Through this, Simms has highlighted some of the key gear that helps these top anglers get the job done.

You may not be aware but Simms also runs a blog throught their site called the Wading Room and has recently posted interviews with these featured pros. I remember during my younger angling days admiring these people you see in the magazines and online. I wanted to know what they did to get where they are because (not surprising) I wanted to be there one day too.

You may even notice one of the featured pros, Camille Egdorf, shares a last name with the lodge we're headed to on our hosted trip to Alaska- Egdorf's Western Alaska Sportfishing- and yep, she'll be one of our fishing guides in just 9 short months!

I'm out on the water today looking for my first fish of 2015 which you'll be able to read about in a few days. Wish me luck!

Enter the Wading Room HERE

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