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Trouts Journal

Something New is Coming to Trouts Fly Fishing

Ivan Orsic / Jun 5, 2013

I've owned Trouts Fly Fishing for over 8 years now. It’s been an exciting run. Highlights include the move to our vintage location on 6th and Marion, launching Trouts Guide Service in partnership with Freestone Outfitters, and of course bringing together the most knowledgeable and friendly staff in all the Front Range. But something new is afoot, and I can honestly say that it has created more buzz within my shop walls than anything else.

I've always kept one question at the forefront of my mind during my tenure as owner: How can Trouts better serve the greater Denver angling community in addition to our other national and international customers? I've never been one to let the grass grow beneath my feet, and when it comes to product selection I always thought we had our bases covered. The key word there was thought.

Within the bounds of the fly fishing community, one brand stands out as the most polarizing since the debate over whether or not to fish with egg patterns - you either loved them or you hated them. But like any competitive industry, from the battles sprout ingenuity. There is little doubt in my mind that this brand has really stepped up their game over the past few years, elevating them to an industry leader in many product categories. So we started our homework: we fished with their rods and reels, spent days on the water in their waders, delved into their leader, tippet and fly line offerings, and came away thoroughly impressed with everything we touched. “How could we not offer this brand to our loyal customers?” my employees asked. I couldn’t find the words for a good answer, so I replied with action.

Yesterday I placed our initial order with The Orvis Company Inc. - by mid-June we will be the newest in a long line of a proud Orvis Authorized Dealers. Don't get me wrong - we love and cherish the wonderful relationships we have with all of our existing manufacturers. Their products are superb, and we have been a loyal dealer for them from inception because of it. But times do change, good products come and go, and Orvis has demonstrated a commitment to fly fishing that is un-paralleled within the sport. From conservation to education to product development, Orvis is a true leader, and we are proud to now call ourselves part of their family. We look forward to sharing their great products with all of our customers, and we are confident this move will only further our goal of becoming the world's leading fly fishing outfitter.


Tucker Ladd

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