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Trouts Journal

South Platte River Report: Late Winter Fly Fishing

Ivan Orsic / Feb 25, 2014

We’re starting to see signs of spring fly conditions here in Colorado – albeit sporadically. One day, we’ll be in shirt sleeves with the sun shining and the next in down jackets with snow flying. It is after all Colorado and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

After our last staff outing to the South Platte River, everyone here at the shop was fired up to get back out and after it. This past week the South Platte River below Cheesman Canyon and through the Deckers area remained fairly steady. These flows are unseasonably high and fishing has been consistent. In addition to solid water flows, the water clarity has remained excellent allowing for some sight fishing opportunities in some sections of the river. On the two days we fished earlier in the week, the water stayed right around 130 CFS.

If you were ever wondering what a South Platte scud looked like, here you go.

I hit the water on Saturday for a solo trip. I expected large crowds and was pleasantly surprised that there was plenty of room on the river. There were high winds in the forecast and the weathermen delivered on their prediction. There was very little surface activity on the water – both from an insect and fish perspective. I did see some baetis cracking off every once and a while.

The South Platte River has a wide range of species throughout the system. We also think Eddie Van Halen might have left his net on the river bank.

I was able to move fish on both the Cannon Worm and the Rojo Midge. Rick reported solid results fishing the Miracle Midge (#22), Medallion Midge (#22), and San Juan Flash Worm (#18). Cody headed back into the Canyon and had luck casting with Cannon Worm and Pure Midge (#22) as well.

The river is fishing well and it should continue as we push into more spring like weather conditions. Winter fly fishing is still in effect so keep your eyes on the forecast and enjoy all the elbow room on the river. If you would like to explore the South Platte River with a seasoned professional guide, here is more information on Trouts Guide Service - we guide on the South Platte river year round. If you have any questions about fly fishing on the South Platte on your own or with a guide, please stop in the shop or give us a call – 303.733.1434.

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