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Trouts Journal

South Platte River Update

Ivan Orsic / Jun 18, 2015

Looking at the current flows out of Cheesman, we're on a marginal decline from yesterday- only at 2070cfs as of this writing but hey, we eclipsed 2200 yesterday. Either way, it looks like there's not going to be much fishing happening at Deckers for the time being. It came out a few days ago that Elevenmile Canyon was shut down due to flows, and parts of the road between Fairplay and Hartsel have also been seeing their fair share of closures.

Click HERE to see the link I came across on Facebook that is straight from the horse's (sheriff's) mouth on this latest update. From the sounds of it, this current state of aqueous abundance might have the Deckers stretch shut down for more than just a couple hours.

You'll notice the Sheriff's department also advises in their report that in the event of flooding, you should move to higher ground. I was glad they included this advice because I know none of us would have been able to come up with that plan on our own.

Photo Above: Trumbull Bridge and 2000+ cfs don't get along

Photo Below: The road below Platte River Campground. The river is now even closer to the pavement.

Photos courtesy of Trouts Fly Fishing Guide John Taylor

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