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The CURRENT Podcast | Episode 14 - Hanging with Tom Rosenbauer | hosted by Will Rice

Ivan Orsic / Jun 27, 2021

The CURRENT is a low-key, light-hearted fly fishing podcast hosted by Will Rice. Will is back again, thumbing through his Rolodex of accomplished anglers and friends in the fly fishing industry to talk about what's going on in their neck of the woods.

In this episode, Will Rice welcomes everyone's fly fishing mentor - Tom Rosenbauer. The man needs no introduction. In addition to writing over 20 fly fishing guide books during his 45 years at Orvis, Tom has produced countless hours of invaluable, entertaining, and educational fly fishing content.

He is the world's non-judgemental, super-helpful fly fishing uncle. Chances are you've learned something of value from Tom Rosenbauer during your fly fishing journey. The man has his own Wikipedia page - which feels like a pretty impressive accomplishment for someone who exists in the world of fly fishing.

Grab a cold beverage and enjoy a quick hang with the one, the only - Tom Rosenbauer. Will and Tom touch on his influences, his path through fly fishing, helping anglers overcome the traditional learning curve, the future of fly fishing, a couple of tips and tricks, and much more.

For more from Tom Rosenbauer, listen to his podcast "Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast", follow him on Instagram, or follow along with Orvis News.

You can find the podcast on Apple Music, Spotify & Stitcher. If you enjoy what Will is putting together with The CURRENT podcast, we ask that you please rate it and leave it a review on Apple Podcasts & Spotify! Thanks for listening!

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