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Trouts Journal

The Learned Angler…..

Ivan Orsic / Nov 14, 2014

Whatever your reason may be- the cold weather is keeping you indoors, you just started fly fishing, you're looking to learn more about a certain insect or river system- there's always something new to learn about fly fishing. I've heard more than once that the only subject that has more written about it than fly-fishing is mathematics. Additionally, I've also been told/read many times that there have been more books written about fly-fishing than all other sports combined. Accuracy of these statements aside (although it's hard not to believe) one thing that is certainly true, there is no shortage of good reading material out there on our great sport. From broad topics to specific, fly tying to travel, humor to how-to...if you can specify a "topic" regarding fly-fishing, there has undoubtedly been many books written about it. True story, I was on Amazon the other day looking to download- you guessed it a fly-fishing related book- for my iPad ran across a fly-fishing themed romance novel.....and no I did not

So without further delay, the following list includes some of our personal favorite reading material to be found here at the shop. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned vet, student of the sport or just looking for a good read, we've got what you need to make you a better angler.

The Curtis Creek Manifesto- by Sheridan Anderson. This is one of the best books I've ever found for the beginning angler. Don't let the cartoon illustrations throughout distract you. This book explains fly-fishing from top to bottom in a way that will get any beginner up to speed in a hurry.

Fly Fisher's Guide To Colorado- by Marty Bartholomew. A great reference to keep handy if you fly-fish Colorado. When I first moved to Denver a few years ago I bought this book (actually at Trouts) and used it more times than I could count as I began the process of learning the areas rivers. Thorough descriptions of all the popular waters around the state. Highly recommended. Availble for other states as well!

Orvis' Fly-Fishers Guide To Carp- by Kirk Deeter. Carp, Carp, Carp. You can't hardly get on a fly fishing blog, open a magazine or scroll through Instagram without seeing people proudly hoisting up these ugly beautiful fish with a big ol' sh*t eating grin on their face. If you're considering taking on the quest for carp (or perhaps just sick of getting skunked on your last dozen trips) pick this up. Plus, when Kirk Deeter speaks, one is wise to listen.

Fly Fishing Tailwaters- by Pat Dorsey. If you're going to fish Colorado, and you despise tailwaters...you might want to pick a new state to cast a line in. While there are no shortage of freestones around the state to occupy our time, if you plan to fish year round, you better have a soft spot in your heart for tailwaters. While there's no denying they grow huge fish, there's also no denying these large residents require a little more stealth than a Wooley Bugger and Prince Nymph on 2x offers.

Fly Fishing The High Country- by John Geirach. In this installment, John takes a break from his classic fireside tales of fishing jaunts near and far to discuss one of the most fun things to do with a fly rod...head to the high country. If you live in Colorado and don't spend a little time each summer putting on the boots and backback and heading up a big hill you're truly missing out.

Fly Fishers Guide To Rocky Mountain National Park- by Steven B. Schweitzer. During the warmer months of the year, we get customers in the shop every week asking about fishing in RMNP. A quick and easy drive from Denver and filled with countless opportunities, RMNP is definitely a major draw for anglers near and far. In this book, Schweitzer details over 150 fishing destinations throughout the 256 pages. Complete with 260 photographs, detailed topographic maps, trail profiles, fishing tips and much more. A must for anyone heading to the Park.

Fly Fishing Belize- by Jim Klug. Fresh off the presses, this book is sure to become a classic. Designed with a 'coffee table', large format design. The pictures and places detailed in the book are truly something special. Having personally made a few trips to Belize, I can say with certainty this book does a wonderful job showcasing all that makes up the country which appears to have been made for fly-fishing. This book also contains a serious 'who's who' of contributions from such personalities as Tom Bie, Lefty Kreh, Brian O'Keefe, Mike Lawson, Craig Matthews and many, many more. A must for any angler who has been, or dreams of one day fishing the crystal clear waters of Belize.

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