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Trouts Journal

The Man Behind The Scenes: Dave Mitchell

Ivan Orsic / Nov 21, 2014

In the world of retail, it seems that as soon as a season "really" hits, it's time to start talking about the upcoming season. i.e- here in Denver, we've only had one snow, only been on daylight savings time for a couple weeks, the ski hills aren't 100% open, haven't had a Thanksgiving turkey let alone thought about putting up Christmas lights....you get the idea.

However, step into our warehouse and you'd swear it's summer. Spring 2015 orders are coming in fast and I can say from first hand experience (otherwise known as digging through boxes) that there's some sweet new items coming out from all the major players in the game...Simms, Fishpond, Umpqua...it's all arriving almost daily by the truckload. While this is all good for you the consumer, there's A LOT of work involved prior to seeing your shiny new items hanging gracefully on the walls of the shop.

Besides being a hell of a fisherman, Dave is one of the biggest reasons the latest and greatest in the world of fly fishing is always organized and looking good on the retail floor!

So with that in mind, we want to give a HUGE "THANK YOU" to Trouts own Dave Mitchell. Or better yet, next time you're in the shop tell him thanks for his hard work. We hear all the time from customers "the shop looks great!"... well, here's your reason.

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