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Trouts Journal

This Just In: Simms

Ivan Orsic / Dec 3, 2015

From boots and waders, to packs and bags, to hats and outerwear, Simms is bringing their A-game with the Spring 2016 Collection. Trouts Fly Fishing is proud to be the largest Simms dealer in the state of Colorado and as a result, we've got the whole new line-up. Swing on by the shop or visit our online store to get your hands on this incredible new gear!

Shop the Simms Spring '16 Collection HERE!

Rather than bore you with the laundry list of every new product available, I went around and asked some of the guys here at their shop what their favorite new piece of gear in the collection was and why.

Tucker- Currents Shoe: "I was able to get my hands on a pair of these a few months ago prior to a Redfishing trip in the Louisiana marsh. I'm normally not a fan of shoes in the boat- and particularly when fishing. The Currents shoe has changed my opinion on this. Lighweight and very comfortable, it's the closest thing I've found to being barefoot while fishing."

Erik- Vaportread Saltwater Boot: "I'd worn the Oceantek (the Vaportread's predecessor) several times and always liked it. Seeing the new Vaportread however, I know I'm going to love it. I like the fact that it's lighter weight than the Oceantek and is noticeably more comfotable out of the box. Now I just need to get a salt trip on the books so I have a reason to buy a pair!"

Nate- Quick Stash Lanyard: "I've worn lanyards for a number of years now- the kind you see with the beads on them and a round foam pad on the neck- and while they're no doubt handy on the river, they can also feel a little bulky sometimes. The Quick Stash is nice and lightweight and very low-profile. What I like more than that though is that I have the option to change out what accessories I'm carrying through the interchangeable, magnetic clip-attachment system."

Rick- Waypoints Sling Large: "I switched to a sling pack two years ago and can't imagine using anything else. This new sling has me particularly excited however due to the massive amount of storage, internal water bottle holder big enough for a nalgene, large fold-down work bench, and compression straps on both the top and bottom. The best part though might be the contoured shoulder strap which balances the pack perfectly on your back. This is definitely going to provide all day comfort which is important when you carry as much gear as I do!"

Jon- Wading Koozy: "This thing is a must. How many times have you been wade fishing while trying to enjoy a beer? You set it down on a rock and start fishing, only to realize when you want to take another sip that you've walked 30 feet down the river and have to go back and get it. Problem solved."

Doug- Waypoints Hip Pack Large: "If you see me trout fishing it's for one reason- there are no fish with teeth around to catch. The Waypoints large hip pack has enough room to hold my Cliff's Bugger Beast full of pike and musky flies, and still have plenty of room left for spools of tippet and other accessories."

Kyle- Intruder Boot: (I couldn't also not participate in this fun). "From the beginning of June until as far as I can take it in September, chances are high I'm not wearing waders. I love to wet wade and have spent years relying on the trusty old wading boot/neoprene sock combo to get this done. The Intruder is going to be a game changer in the wet wading world and I can't wait to put this boot through the paces next summer."

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