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Trouts Journal

It’s Time To Get A Thomas & Thomas

Ivan Orsic / Oct 27, 2016

I'm sure the majority of you reading this have heard of Thomas & Thomas fly rod before...but I'm willing to bet that might be where it ends. Heard.

If your knowledge of the brand doesn't extend much beyond the name, it's time we change that reality. I don't want to say Thomas & Thomas is "BACK" because they never really went anywhere (they've actually been around for 60 years)...but it is safe to say their new owner Neville Orsmond is making waves like we haven't seen with this company in a number of years.

Trouts recently added Thomas & Thomas to our lineup of premium rod offerings and we couldn't get more excited. We think you should be too.

Read on to learn more about 3 of our shop favorites that will meet the needs of anything you may encounter here in Colorado and beyond!

Aeros- Medium+ Action, Dry Fly Perfection- What T&T has to say about it: Fly casting can be a form of artistic expression, and the right fly rod an artist’s tool by which each cast is quietly etched against the idyllic settings where the pursuit takes us. The Aeros series is that kind of rod – accentuated by Thomas & Thomas’ classic aesthetics and a velvety medium+ action that emphasizes the sensation of each casting stroke. Classic yet capable, the Aeros is designed with subtle dry fly presentations in mind – easily turning over long, fine leaders with accuracy and finesse. Ideally suited to technical trout water, the Aeros has the versatility to make the transition to small nymphs or streamers when called for, along with with the sensitivity to protect the finest tippets.

Details: Four piece, multi-modulus graphite blank with iridescent moss-green finish, western grip, bright milled aluminum, up-locking reel seat, spalted maple spacer, Fuji stripping guide, Universal Snake Brand guides with ECOating, bronze wraps with silver trim.

What I have to say about it: Of the three rods listed here, this is likely my favorite. I love fishing dry flies and the taper of this rod is perfect for it. I really like the way they describe the action as medium+ also, as it describes this rod perfectly. The rod flexes fairly deep into the blank but recovers nicely with plenty of power. Another thing I personally like about this rod is that it's a little heavier than many rods on the market. For me, this is exactly what I want out of a dry fly rod as the extra weight helps 'feel' my way through the entire casting stroke. Simply put- this rod rocks. It comes in all your standard 'trouty' sizes from an 8' 3wt up to a 9' 5wt. $795.00 Shop the Aeros HERE!

Avantt- Fast, Light, Responsive- What T & T has to say about it: T&T’s proprietary StratoTherm Resin has such incredible strength and vibration dampening characteristics that it forced us to approach freshwater fly rod design in a new way. The result is the remarkably light and responsive Avantt Series. With ultra-low swing weight and lightning-fast recovery, these rods come alive in the hand. At close range, the Avantt rods provide precise command of the fly with a delicate touch. Longer casts reveal surprising power and line speed with tight loops and excellent line control.

Details: Four piece multi-modulus graphite blank incorporating Thomas & Thomas’ latest proprietary composites and curing process. Low Friction Finish (LFF) in stealth matte 'T&T Blue', titanium-frame ceramic stripping guides and Snake brand ECOating guides. All rods feature anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat, blue wraps with white accents, and grips of select Flor-grade cork.

What I have to say about it: There were two things that struck me right away when I first picked up this rod- 1) how light it was and 2) how good looking it was. The Avant is a perfect option for those fishing bigger western rivers who want a 'do all' rod. I can say with certainty, Thomas & Thomas really nailed thier description above on this rod. This rod is light and crisp, recovers incredibly fast, and has a very low swing weight. From short, accurate, dry-fly type presentations to 'hero-casting' the entire fly line, this rod did everything I asked of it without missing a beat. The Avantt comes in 7 different sizes from an 8'6 3wt up to a 9' 7wt. They also offer a 10' 4wt and 5wt in the mix as well. While I haven't had the opportunity to fish the 10' 4wt, I picture this rod to possibly be the pick of the litter for those looking for a technical nymphing rod. $825.00 Shop the Avantt HERE!

Exocett- Fast Action Saltwater Flagship- What T & T has to say about it: Developed to meet the challenges of the most demanding species and destinations, T&T’s Exocett Series of high-performance saltwater fly rods are infused with the exceptional strength and dampening characteristics of our proprietary StratoTherm Resin. These light-weight rods are defined by a powerful, fast-dampening action that lifts line off the water with ease, and a thin-diameter top section that slices through the wind for quick and accurate casts. Once hooked-up, Exocett rods support anglers with immense strength and reserve power to battle and land the baddest fish on the planet, from giant trevally to tarpon.

Details: 4-piece multi-modulus blank with stealth matte “T&T Blue” Low-Friction Finish, choice of ceramic titanium frame or RECoil stripping guides (select RG models), black RECoil snake guides, ultra-premium cork full wells grip, milled aluminum up-locking saltwater reel seat.

What I have to say about it: There's no other way to put it. This rod is a serious powerhouse. It is very light in hand and the aesthetics are certainly pleasing, but it was the power this rod generates that left me with the biggest impact. With just two false casts I was able to cast the entire line plus 10 or 15 feet of backing out the tip without hardly trying. As metioned during my review of the Aeros, I'm a 'feel' guy when it comes to fly rods and in all honesty, I personally didn't think this rod had a ton of it (compared to some other premium salt rods on the market today). That said, if I'd just traveled several thousand miles and am spending several thousand dollars to stand on the bow of a skiff trying to catch a 100lb tarpon or 20lb permit (okay let's be honest, I wouldn't care how big the permit was), I'm confident I'd be more than willing to overlook this minor detail if it meant punching through the wind and turning over my flies with ease. You get the idea. It's a saltwater rod. And a badass one at that. Available in sizes 6wt-12wt. $895.00 Shop the Exocett HERE!

Shop the entire Thomas & Thomas Collection

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