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Trouts Journal

Tips From The Guide Shack ft. Zeke Hersh

Ivan Orsic / Sep 21, 2016

Fall is one of my favorite times of year to fish. There are fewer people on the river, the weather can be some of the best of the year in Colorado and the fish are eating quite heavily to fatten up before winter arrives.

There are some challenges in the fall season as well. The water levels are at their lowest, the fish are starting to eat smaller insects, and with the beautiful weather and the low water levels the fish can be spooky. These can be challenging aspects with fall fishing techniques.

One of my favorite techniques I use to overcome some of these challenges and give the trout the flies they want is the “Triple Trouble” technique. (Trouble for the fish) This is basically taking the “Hopper Dropper” technique to the next level by adding a third short dropper below the larger bead head main dropper. This dropper is usually a small baetis nymph, like a #20 flashback pheasant tail or an egg pattern for example. These flies typically would not be able to sink without the help of split shot, but with the larger bead head on this set up, they can sink now.

To set up this rig think a good size hopper or attractor dry up top. Size to your water you are fishing. Then a two to four-foot dropper to a bead head nymph. Size to water and speed of water you are fishing. Then add a foot-long dropper and your smaller nymph, egg pattern or etc.

The beauty about this technique is not only can you deliver small unweighted flies to the trout you are stalking, you can also fish very low water conditions and have a better chance at not spooking the fish, and in the process you can catch fish on all three patterns.

This technique works well on everything from small to large streams. Come the next two months, I will be using this technique everywhere from the Blue River tail water, the upper Arkansas and floating the Colorado to name just a few.

With over 2 decades worth of guiding experience under his belt, Zeke Hersh is Trouts Frisco's Head Guide for a reason. To learn more about him click HERE!

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