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Trouts Journal

Top 5 for Fall: Rick Mikesell

Ivan Orsic / Nov 20, 2014

1. Simms Extstream Jacket- After eyeing this jacket since Simms first debuted it last year, I finally had to pull the trigger and get one a few weeks ago. I hate it I waited so long. Many of you may know...I spend A LOT of time in the shop, so when I have a chance to break free and go fishing, bad weather is not going to stop me. This often means dealing with some brutally cold days. For many years I felt somewhat like a snow-man, wearing layers up on layers. Now, with the Extream Jacket, my layering underneath will easily be cut in half. This jacket is definitely made to take the weather on those days where iced up guides are just part of hte game.

2. Kast Heavyweight Tech Top- We just started carrying Kast this year on our online store. Any gear made by hardcore Steelheaders is definitely worth taking a look at. The Heavyweight Tech Top is the perfect weight to wear as an outer-layer on the warmer days, or underneath my Exstream Jacket on the cold ones.

3. Bozeman RS 527- Bozeman Reels- only in available in Colorado at Trouts I might add- are a relatively new company, however are making some of the best fly reels out there in my opinion. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm most likely not going nymphing with 5x on my days off. I'm going to look for a big bite somewhere. This really is incredibly durable and comes with a super smooth drag that can put the stop on a big fish in a hurry.

4. Sharkwave Fly Line- The Sharkwave Fly Line from Scientific Anglers has quickly become one of my favorite fly lines for making quick, accurate, and often long casts at big fish. Once you get your rod loaded up, the textured surface on the Sharkwave's generate a ton of line speed and really send your flies out in a hurry.

5. Orvis Safe Passage Rod & Reel Case- Fall fishing can mean a wide range of conditions throughout the day. The Safe Passage Rod & Reel Case allows me to carry a multitude of rods and reels with me in a very organized fashion. No longer do I have to think about which rods to bring with me. When this case is loaded up I know I have everything I need for whatever I encounter during the day.

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