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Trouts Journal

Top 5 For Winter: Andrew Medina

Ivan Orsic / Dec 22, 2014

You've got to love it when high school kids have their priorities straight. With all the video games, social media this and thats, and other instant gratification distractions out there these days, it seems the outdoors is something that many kids don't get enough of these days in my opinion. Chatting with Andrew reminds me a lot of myself when I was his age- in other words- he's completely consumed with spending as much time as possible on the water. If there's a water within a short drive of Denver, you can bet Andrew has spent countless hours on it. Additionally (once able to get his driver's license) you an also bet Andrew has left boot prints on the banks of nearly every other major river flowing through this state. Simply put, this kid can fish.

The arrival of Winter only means one thing to Andrew (aside from maybe spending a few days on his snowboard)....more fishing! Here are the top 5 things Andrew won't be heading to the river without.

1. Trout Hunter Tippet- "As you'd expect, I've fished all the major brands of tippets over the years. As soon as I started fishing with Trouthunter a little over a year ago, I've never even considered buying another brand. Super consistent in diameter and ultra clear, I've landed countless fish that wouldn't have been otherwise, were I using other brands. The Rainbow in the included picture is a perfect example. That fish ran me through a serious rapid and was trying to dig in for every rock and snag it could find. I kept the heat on the fish throughout the entire fight and finally managed to get it landed after chasing it downstream for what seemed like 100 yards. "

2. Costa 580G- "I've been fishing 580's for a while now and won't even consider using anything else. I absolutely LOVE sight fishing and the clarity and contrast these glasses provide are the best you can find"

3. Rio InTouch Gold Fly Line- "I've always liked fishing RIO lines, however the InTouch Gold has really made my fishing so much better. The low stretch, 'connect-core' provides instant hook ups and the taper on this line provides for extremely accurate, yet subtle presentations."

4. Simms Extream Foldover Mitt- "Glove and fishing are one of those things that just don't seem to go together all that great. The Extream Foldover Mitts however are the closest thing I've found to a perfect solution. Having the versatility to wear as a mitten when walking to or from the river to keep my hands cold is awesome. Folding the tops back, which leaves my finger tips exposed, is great when fishing for line control and especially when tying knots.

5. Fishpond Waterdance Hip Pack- "I've been using this pack for a while now also and love it. It's the perfect size to carry all the gear I need for a day on the river, yet isn't so big that I feel like it's weighing me down."

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