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Trouts Journal

Top Four Waters to Fish This Weekend!

Ivan Orsic / Jun 21, 2019

Summer is here as are high flows...and SNOW??? That's right, with a little bit of the white stuff falling in the high country, we expect that flows to level out a bit and provide some proper good fishing through the weekend. I've done a little research for you guys and here's where I'd recommend fishing this weekend.

Deckers/Cheesman - Deckers/Cheesman? Am I serious? Yes! Why? I have a couple of good reasons. (1) Big Flies. (2) Big Tippet. (3) Big Fish. Flows look like they are going to hold steady through the weekend (no guarantee), but I wouldn't expect them to skyrocket. Currently holding at 578 cfs at Trumbull, it is time to throw the junkiest flies in your box on the thickest tippet you have. Stop me if I've said this before, fish like big water. Sure, we won't have access to some of our favorite riffles, runs and pools, but if you find one fish in a soft edge or soft inside - you'll find a days worth. More than ever, grandpa's sage advice holds true. Don't leave fish to find fish. A customer came in today after fishing Deckers yesterday and commented that he just had one of his best days on the South Platte and he lost what looked to be his biggest fish he's ever hooked at Deckers. Pretty good. Stoneflies, Worms, Leeches, Craneflies, Eggs, small caddis and blue-wings will all put fish in the net.

Middle & Upper Colorado River - I'm going to defer to our Trouts Frisco GM Zeke Hersh who floated the middle Colorado yesterday and came back with high praise. While we wouldn't recommend floating (unless you're experienced on the sticks and have scouted the section you want to float), Zeke's report holds true for all the fellow wade anglers out there. AND I QUOTE: "6-20-19 Float - Fish hooked- 30+Fish Landed - 22+. Water was clearing after being off-color the day before. Fish were eating well! Fish on Pat’s rubber legs in coffee/black #6 and prince nymphs #14. Fish rising in some places. Caddis, stones, pmd’s and more hatching. Should go off any day now." Pretty good. I'd also recommend throwing big heavy black streamers along the banks this time of year. Get ready to hold on, as big fish go on the prowl when the visibility decreases.

Bear Creek
If you're looking to escape for a morning or afternoon of fishing, Bear Creek is holding below it's historic values for this time of year. The result - a great option for a quick escape from town throughout the weekend. Afternoon storms could muddy the water up a little too much, but morning's look prime. The water is a bit off-color, but a dry dropper with a Parawulff or Parachute Adams and a dark or flashy nymph like the Psycho Prince should produce fish in the soft pockets.

South Park Stillwaters
It's been a chironomid game as of late, but callibaetis are on the way. Looking for a place to take your boat and get into good fish. Spinney or Antero would be a great option for the weekend. Whether you're hanging chironomids and leeches, stripping a Thin Mint, or waiting out a good evening dry fly session, keep those Stillwaters in mind this weekend.

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