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Trouts Journal

50% OFF 2 Pack Flies - That's Trout-A-Control!

Ivan Orsic / Apr 19, 2019

If you missed last night's Ice Off Happy Hour with Umpqua Feather Merchants and you still need to fill your box for the upcoming season. We're here to help. In an effort to keep your fly box(s) fully stocked, we are happy to offer 50% OFF all 2-packs of flies in our online store now through the end of April!

That means you can get TWO Umpqua Pheasant Tail Nymphs for $2.00 or TWO Parachute Adams Dry Flies for $2.12 or TWO UMPQUA Sizzlin Hot Spot Squirrels (a fly I would most definitely have if I were fishing the Arkansas this spring) for $2.25. Those are BOX FILLING PRICES, my friends!

Whether you stock your box for the remainder of fall, your upcoming winter on the water or you’re just getting ready for next summer, this is an amazing opportunity to fill your boxes to the brim...and be prepared for anything the river throws your way this year.

To take advantage of our Trout-A-Control 2-Pack Fly Sale, use promo code "TROUT-A-CONTROL" for 50% OFF all 2-pack flies in our online store through the end of April. See you on the water...with full fly boxes of course!


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