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Trouts Journal

Trouts Dry Fly School 2022

Jon Moore / Jul 18, 2022

For most of us, it is hard to beat classic dry fly fishing. There is a reason that this category of fly fishing has a cult-like following. The visual appeal of seeing the eat is addictive, fun and leaves images imprinted in your mind forever. Many refer to this type of angling as 'purist,' as it is one of the most classic presentations to learn and implement on the river.

If you are looking to learn what dry fly fishing is all about, it is time to take our Dry Fly School. Over the course, we will walk through dry fly rigging options and fly rod set-ups, as well as the ability to recognize and 'Match the Hatch'. Although not required, a running knowledge of common bugs is a big plus. Our Bugs for Beginners course is a fantastic starting point. The class will also offer education and training on effective casting and presentation to get you those iconic topwater sips and eats.

Join Trouts as we walk you through dry fly rigging options and set ups, the ability to recognize and 'match the hatch', and education and training on an effective cast and presentation to get you those top water sips and eats. We will hold these throughout the spring and summer months allowing us to attempt to teach to differing hatches based on season, month, and temperature. Bring your dry fly fishing game to the next level through our skill-focused experiences!

DATE: August 12th & 13th
(Event Calendar)
: $325
Friday Evening Class, Saturday On-The-Water


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