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Trouts Journal

Trouts Exclusive Property: Granby Ranch

Ivan Orsic / Jun 25, 2015

The Granby Ranch, located a scenic hour and 45 minute drive from Denver, is the newest property added to our private water offerings. Located on the Fraser River, just outside of Granby, Colorado, this gold medal tributary of the mighty Colorado River offers anglers the ultimate western fly-fishing experience. During any given day on this 3 mile long, meandering meadow freestone, an angler will have the opportunity to fish nymphs, streamers and dry flies to the completely wild brown, rainbow, brook and cutthroat trout that inhabit its waters. A series of shallow riffles, runs, and tailouts, connected to deep bend pools provide all the necessary ingredients to grow some truly great fish. This river is full of aquatic bug life and will always provide anglers the opportunity to “match the hatch” throughout the day. Rest assured, a day spent on the Granby Ranch with family or friends will be a wonderfully memorable experience.

The Fraser River by the seasons-

Being a freestone river the Fraser is fishable 12 months a year, however Spring through Fall are definitely the most popular time to fish here from both a weather and consistency aspect. As mentioned above, this river does not receive any stocking/fish supplementation and all fish caught are totally wild. (And trust us, you'll be able to tell once you hook/see them for yourself). Fish size averages 14-18" with a few bigger than that showing themselves every year. Most of our guide's favorite species to catch here are the Brown Trout, which have the brightest red spots down their sides you'll find anywhere.

Winter Fishing- In typical winter fashion, midges, baetis, worms and eggs are going to be the most productive patterns here day in and day out. Nymphing will be the go-to way to catch fish this time of year. Thoroughly fishing the deep, slow 'wintering' zones will be the name of the game from Late November through February.

Spring Fishing- If you've ever been on a freestone river once spring 'arrives' you already know how special it can be. The baetis are becoming more active, the midges are still going strong and the fish will be getting more active by the day with both the Rainbow spawn and the warmer water temperatures. This is one of the best times of the year to put some serious numbers on the board. This is also the first time of year we really start approaching the river looking to throw dry flies. When the fish get keyed in on Baetis here, this is one of the best places you could be. Eggs and worm patterns are also very consistent producers this time of year.

Summer Fishing- Summertime is without a doubt when this river shines the most. Once runoffoff subsides this river becomes extremely easy to wade and the fish will spread out everywhere throughout the river, making for a wide variety of places to catch them. Nymphing will still be consistent however many days are spent throwing nothing but dry flies- particularly hopper patterns! If throwing a hopper pattern tight to an undercut bank or rock garden, only to see it get inhaled by an 18" completely wild Brown or Rainbow Trout sounds like fun to you, then you NEED to fish here in the Summer! Twiching a small streamer around on the cloudy or low light periods of the day can also be quite productive.

Fall Fishing- Fall is another great time to be on the Granby Ranch. The Brown trout will be getting aggressive as they gear up to spawn and all the fish in the river will be on the feed with the approach of Winter. The terrestrial fishing can still be good through October as long as the weather is cooperative, however switching back to Baetis patterns -both dries and nymphs- is usually the game plan on our guide trips. As is the case with Fall fishing most places, it's tough to not spend at least a portion of each day throwing streamers around as well.

The Granby Ranch is available for full day trips only and can accommodate parties up to a 16 anglers.

Rates: Standard Guide Rate ($395 1 or 2 anglers, add $135 for 3rd anglers) + $140 rod fee per angler. As is always the case with our Guided Trips, everything you need to enjoy a great day on the water is included with your trip- waders/boots/rods/reels/flies/leader/tippet/lunch/drinks. Not included- Colorado fishing license ($9 for 1 day), gratuity for guides.

Several lodging options exist withing a 5-10 minute drive of the river. Please inquire for specifics.

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