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Trouts Journal

Trouts Guide Service Report: 10/10

Ivan Orsic / Oct 10, 2016

I know it's about the least original thought I could put down on this report.....but it really doesn't get much better than Fall fishing.

We're still staying busy on the guiding side of things around here and as the pictures below will attest to, if you haven't been on the water lately you're really missing out.

Whether our guides have been bound for Deckers, the Dream Stream, Colorado, Williams Fork, Eagle, Arkansas, Blue or the Granby Ranch- the fish have been on the feed and I'll be honest, needing to put on a few extra layers to stay warm on the water has been pretty nice lately. I actually even fished for a bit last week under the blanket of some light snow flurries.

It's a season of change out there for sure right now but I feel confident saying we've still got at least a month of pretty great weather ahead of us. The good news is, great weather this time of year ususally equates to great fishing.

We've been getting quite a few questions lately from our customers about the status of the brown trout spawn and the short answer is YES...it's happening. I saw actively spawning fish at the Granby Ranch last week and if you spend any time on Instagram or Facebook you've likely started to see quite a few pictures emerge of bulbous browns making their social media debuts (I'm guessing against thier will). So okay- the rivers are probably going to be crowded on the weekends wherever you go. Consider yourself warned. That said, (insert the dead horse) let's all make it a point to fish ethically this season and take care of the fish. The two easiest ways to do this being A) don't fish to trout on their redds and B) watch where you're walking when you're out there to avoid walking through beds. I know it sounds simple but I've already gotten several reports from our guides of seeing the same ol' BS some of the same questionable angling practices that seem to happen every year- i.e. not heeding the advice of A or B in the previous sentence.

From a fly perspective it's been pretty textbook for this time of year- worms, eggs, leeches, stonefly nymphs, baetis, midges, caddis, and flashy attractor nymphs. As could be expected, streamers are also taking their fair share of fish if that's your deal. Lastly, I still also wouldn't be heading to the river without the dry flies. Depending on the day, Midges, Baetis and a few Caddis are bringing fish up to the surface but if you're anything like me, if the sun is shining I'm still going to try and make a few fish eat a hopper.

Good luck out there everybody and don't forget there's still time to take advantage of our Fall Guiding Special!!

Have fun out there and as always, please let us know how we can make your time on the water more productive and enjoyable!


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