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Trouts Journal

Trouts Guide Service Report: 12/17

Ivan Orsic / Dec 17, 2015

As a fishing guide, there are three factors to consider that can effect how a day on the water is going to go. 1) Clients 2) River Conditions 3) Time of the week. Trouts Guide Lee Molvie was recently able to put a big checkmark next to all three of these factors and the pictures below will prove that many times over. He had the recent priviledge of spending a couple days down on the Dream Stream guiding one of our regular customers, Peter and his dad Patrick (who was in visiting from St. Louis). Good customers (check). Good river conditions (check). Middle of the week (check).

Flows were pretty textbook for the Dream this time of year and as long as you get your layers right, staying warm in the cold and wind isn't too difficult to do. As you'd expect for this time of year, the group focused primarily on the deeper/slower water, while also poking around in the shallow riffles/shelves/drop-offs adjacent to these areas. From a fly selection perspective, the normal winter time fare was all it took to keep the fly rods bent countless times over the course of their two days fishing: eggs, midges, baetis.

The flows at the Dream will be low for the next several months which should provide some very consistent fishing. Keep in mind it's winter out there. If you feel like an area is holding fish then work it very thoroughly and use plenty of weight. If you're not getting snagged on the bottom with a little regularity, you probably need to add some more. Good luck, dress warm, and have fun out there everybody!

The highlight of the trip came- as you could only hope for- during the last part of the day 2. While dredging a deep bend pool, Patrick's indictor gave pause and he set the hook. What came up from the depths was a truly magnificent post-spawn male Brown trout. After a respectable battle, Lee was able to get find connection with his Fishpond Nomad. Let the celebration begin!

Great job Peter and Patrick!

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