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Trouts Journal

Trouts Guide Service Report: 3/10-11

Ivan Orsic / Mar 16, 2015

I had the priviledge of spending the past couple days on the South Platte with two great groups of customers. Day 1 consisted of the brother/sister combo of Kyle and Kelly. Kyle, his wife and their new born son are from Michigan and decided to pay a visit sister Kelly who lives in town. Kyle has fished quite a bit throughout the mitten state, but had never caught a trout anywhere out West. Kelly also had a little fishing experience under her wading belt, however it had been quite a while since she had her hands on a trout. Needless to say, I was dead set on changing that (hopefully many times over). Day 2 was spent with local anglers, good friends, and former graduates of the Orvis 101 program Craig and Dan. Both guys had caught quite a few trout, however Craig was still struggling to crack the Deckers code, and Dan hadn't visited the river in years. Talk about the perfect opporunity to put a great day on the books.

Sunny skies and warm temps accompanied us both days on the river and the fish are definitely starting to move out of their Winter haunts in response to the approach of spring. The majority of the fish we caught over the past two days were all sight fished and fly choice seemed to be somewhat irrelevant. The aquatic bug life was virtually non-existent except for the odd BWO or midge buzzing around, so I think the fish were simply feeding opportunistically for the most part. We caught a bunch of fish each day and everything from San Juan worms, to gray and black RS2's, pheasant tails, red pure midges, purple, black and olive juju baetis, and brown harvester midges all caught fish. I'm sure I'm even forgetting a couple patterns that worked. Both days were those "change your fly, catch a couple fish, change your fly again, catch a couple more fish" type days. We fished 3 fly rigs almost exclusively throughout the past two days and saw fish caught on all patterns used.

Trouts Guide Service will be on the water every week from now through Fall. Give us a call or swing by the shop to book your very own guided fly-fishing adventure! And as always, check back with the blog daily for your continual dose of fly-fishing fodder and river reports.

Flows: 88cfs

Clarity: Clear

Key locations fished: shelves, drop offs, riffles all held fish, as long as deep water was fairly close by.

Key tactics used: sight fishing to actively feeding fish in 1-2 feet of water.

Flies used: various midges, san juan worms, baetis patterns

Leader/Tippet: 5x, tied down to approximately 10-12' in length from fly line to bottom fly.

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