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Trouts Journal

Trouts Guide Service Report: 4/14

Ivan Orsic / Apr 14, 2015

Trouts Guide Service is continuing to stay busy and so far the Spring fishing has been outstanding. Some days have been more action packed than others, however every trip lately has left a lot of smiles on both the customers and our guide's faces. Not surprising, the better days (from a fish in the net perspective) always seem to coincide with the days when we're seeing the most bug activity. The Baetis have been anywhere from sparse to thick, but we're at least seeing some of these guys flying around every day. The midges have also been fairly active and some days the fish are really keying into these. Keep an eye out for noses in the little eddies/pockets behind boulders next to the bank. We've been catching fish out of these areas on dries with quite a bit of regularity lately. When the fish decide to sip the midges/baetis that get trapped in these areas they can typically be quite easy to fool. I've started to see my first few Caddis of the year buzzing around as well. All in all, the bug life is starting to increase dramatically on the river and the fish are taking notice. Additionally, some of the best fishing we've had has come from areas that haven't held hardly a fish the past few month. The warming water and increased bug activity is getting the fish to really get out and roam. Small side channels, riffles, and generally anything that just looks 'fishy' are all starting to produce. From a fly perspective, the same things we've been using the past few weeks are still producing- eggs, worms, midges and baetis. No need to make the fly selection too complicated. Focus on covering water and getting a perfect drift and I have a strong suspicion you'll be reaching the for the net multiple times throughout the day. As always, if you'd like to discuss any of the above mentioned items/topics in further detail, don't hesistate to reach out. We're happy to help in any way possible! You can also always email me directly at kyle@troutsflyfishing.com with your questions. Thanks again for checking in with the Blog and good luck to everyone on the water! The fishing should do nothing but continue to improve!

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