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Trouts Journal

Trouts Guide Service Report: Mid-March

Ivan Orsic / Mar 15, 2016

This warmer has left us with a busier start to March than we've seen in the past. As you might guess, we're plenty good with this.

Another thing we're plenty good about is the fishing out there! Most of our trips lately have been on the Platte, with a couple trips to the Blue scattered in the mix. No matter where we've headed though, one overarching fact has remained the same- the fish are darn happy Spring has arrived!

The longer daylight hours, warmer water temps and increased bug activity (midges and baetis) has led to some of the best days of fishing we've seen in months. The fish are staying active for longer periods of the day and eating/fighting with more enthusiasm.

From a fly selection standpoint nothing much has changed: Eggs/Worms/Stoneflies/Leeches/Scuds/Baetis/Midges in some combo or tri-fecta will be all it takes. Just remember, keep your flies tight on your rig (8-10" between flies) and use plenty of weight. As is always the case, if you're not ticking the bottom with regularity you most likely aren't getting your flies down to the fish. Additionally, even given the fact that the fish are getting more active they are still going to bite pretty softly. As I always say, 'hooksets are free so take as many as you'd like'. Set the hook downstream on anything that looks out of place and I have a feeling you're going to find a few more fish added to your day's total.

Interested in taking a Guided Trip yourself? There's never been a better time! From now through the end of April we will be running a Spring Guiding Special. Book a half day trip and get a $50 gift card to the shop. Book a full day trip and get a $100 gift card to the shop!

Good luck out there everyone and please let us know how we can make your time on the water more productive and enjoyable!

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