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Trouts Journal

Trouts Guide Spotlight: Mitchell Blain

Ivan Orsic / Aug 11, 2015

Trouts: Tell us a little about yourself, how long you’ve been fishing/fly-fishing and how you were introduced to the sport.

MB: I have been fly-fishing here in Colorado since I was six years old. My earliest memories of fly-fishing were going with my dad and I was always freezing cold and miserable because I would always fall in. Based on these trips at my young age, believe it or not I did not enjoy the activity until I got older and it became one of my favorite things to do. When I was 14 years old I would tag along with guide Todd Clough and run around tying knots and netting fish and now I’m here, at Trouts whom I love guiding for.

Trouts: Why do you love to guide fly-fishing?

MB: I love to guide fly-fishing for two reasons, the first being I don’t think I want a real job anytime soon, and the second is that I truly just enjoy watching people catch fish. I swear sometimes I feel more excited for the people I am guiding than they are about catching fish.

Trouts: What is the best piece of fishing advice you’ve ever been given?

MB: Don't over complicate things, it's just fishing.

Trouts: Describe your guiding style?

MB: I guide like I fish, I like to cover a lot of water and target specific fish. It’s more enjoyable for my client and myself if we spot a particular fish, get into position, make the cast and watch the fish eat. I also don’t take it too serious, you've got to find the humor in missing fish and getting stuck in trees.

Trouts: Describe your perfect day on the water both A) guiding and B) fishing for fun.

MB: A) My ideal day guiding is any day that there are bugs hatching, and I would imagine that guiding the Denver Bronco cheerleaders wouldn’t be a bad day either. B) For fun my ideal day on the water would be floating down the Colorado River with friends, or standing on the bow of a flats skiff with a 12 weight in my right hand and a Tarpon fly in my left hand.

Trouts: Favorite species to target on the fly?

MB: My favorite species to target on a fly rod would have to be Pike. My family used to go on pike fishing trips every year since I was 10 and I have always loved catching them. They are mean and eat a fly like a fish should. It's about the furthest thing there is from the subtle take on 5x we see trout fishing.

Trouts: Favorite place to fish?

MB: My favorite place to fish that I get that 'fuzzy feeling' for is on my family’s stretch of river on the South Platte near Lake George Co. Fishing there with dry flies while using my great grandfathers old bamboo fly rod that he used to fish there with many years ago. It’s where fly-fishing clicked for me.

Trouts: Destination to dream about?

MB: My dream destination is going to New Zealand after I graduate, which I plan on doing. But getting permission to fish the lake at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs would be pretty awesome. The grass carp in there are monsters, and I figure getting permission is a much better idea then wearing my best pair of running shoes……not saying I haven’t considered it.

Trouts: Got any fun fishing trips on the books?

MB: Unfortunately not really. I already took my annual trips, but you will definitely see me floating the Colorado every weekend with family, friends and dogs the rest of the summer!

Trouts: What do you like to do for fun when not on the water?

MB: When I’m not on the water I will be riding and racing my mountain bike! Even though I haven’t ridden a lot this summer because of guiding/working in the shop, it's still a major passion of mine that is just as obsessive as fly fishing.

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