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Trouts Journal

Trouts Monthly Internet Hotspots - September 2018 Edition

Ivan Orsic / Sep 13, 2018

We live in a content-rich world and there is some killer fly fishing content to be found all over the interwebs. With that in mind, we're going to start compiling our favorite pieces of content every month. From how-tos to can't miss videos to damn good articles, here's a rundown of what we've been digging...in no particular order.

(1) Too Much Mending Can Ruin Your Drift (via Gink and Gasoline) - We've touched on this topic before in a short Trouts Tips Video, but, it's great to read another, albeit supporting, perspective on why it's important to mindful on how and how much you mend.

(2) The Beaver Island Dispatches - Part 1 & Part 2 (via The Fiberglass Manifesto) - Cameron from TFM is good people. We've always been fans of his blog and the fiberglass rod movement

(3) Howler Brothers - Fin (VIDEO) - Austin and Dawson, the Howler Privateers, dropped by the shop earlier this summer to hang out and they put together some killer videos from their days on the road. This edition takes us on their last three weeks on the road...and it looked like a hell of ride. If you want to see the video from their stop in Colorado, check it out here!

(4) How to Carry Your Rods Through Brush (via Deneki Outdoors) - I walk through my fair share of brush during my days on the river, this how-to might have just saved my sanity. I nearly lost half a rod on the way back to the truck last week.

(5) Is there a Secret To Untangling Knots (via MidCurrent) - Phil Monahan bringing the truth with this tip.

(6) Monster Taimen from Mongolia (via Orvis News) - One of our customers was on the trip when this beast was wrangled and he said that the guide's Rep Your Water hat had Trouts Fly Fishing emblazoned on the side. Props to whoever brought Zoolboo his new hat. Thank you!

Shoutout to Doug Garvey for the name. Hotspots...who doesn't love Hotspots.

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